Top Academic Writing Jobs in Kenya (Updated 2020)

Are you a good writer based in Kenya and wondering where to get good academic writing jobs in Kenya? Then worry no more, because I got you. Today, we are going to list the best places in Kenya to get academic jobs.

In this era of internet availability in most places in Kenya, anyone with writing skills can earn a sustainable income from writing.

Academic Writing jobs in Kenya

  1. ProWriters Time Kenya
  2. Nerdy Turtlez
  3. Falcon Writers
  4. Papercom Solutions
  5. Freelance academic writing jobs Kenya

List of Academic Writing Jobs

Below, we will discuss each of the listed academic writing job sites in Kenya in detail.

1. ProWriters Time Kenya

ProWriters Time Kenya offers several freelance writing jobs to its writers. On assignment of a particular academic job, a writer is given sufficient time to work on the project before being awarded another project.

If you are an innovative, motivated and disciplined writer, then ProWriters is the site for you. They offer competitive salaries as well as bonuses for those writers who have shown commitment over time.

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A dream writer working at ProWriter possess the following qualities:

  • Has outstanding skills
  • Check instructions on the paper.
  • Submits timely and quality documents
  • Always in touch in case of emergencies

The process of registering as a writer involves:

  • Filling in a registration form on their website.
  • Passing grammar and formatting tests
  • Writing a 100-word essay
  • Completing a sample paper of 500 words

2. Nerdy Turtelz

Nerdy Turtelz offers online writing academic jobs in Kenya. This online writing job site does not have a lot of requirements for its potential writers. All that is needed is as listed below:

  • Step 1: Sign up by filling your details
  • Step 2: Take a Nerd test and get certified
  • Third Step: Get Orders
  • Lastly: Start earning.

A nerd certified writer earns between Ksh 250 and Ksh 500 for a 250-word page. Before taking on the nerd tests, one can visit their learning centre to remind oneself of what will be tested.

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Earning is based on several factors, such as:

  1. How complex the task is
  2. The satisfaction of the client
  3. The length of the assignment
  4. The period in which one has had the account.

3. Falcon Writers

Falcon writers are continually looking for the best writers who produce quality work and are talented. This account also offers a writing course to aspiring writers who would love to earn through writing but don’t know how to write.

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Their payment structure ranges between $5 – $ 20 for various categories of writing. It hires different writers from academic writers, Curriculum Vitae writers as well as article writers. Falcon writers have only three modes of payment such as Paypal, Skrill and wire transfer.

Just like ProWriter Time, Falcon writers offer a bonus to its excellent writers. This academic writing site provides an easy to use order management system.

4. Papercom solutions

Papercom solutions were established in the year 2008. The main aim is that of delivering highly researched academic papers, articles, and projects to its clients both locally and internationally.

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The company is located in Nairobi and hires in house academic writers who have experience in writing.

5. Freelance Academic Writing Jobs in Kenya

Freelance academic jobs in Kenya is a Facebook group that regularly posts academic writing jobs in Kenya.

The group came to be on 27 March 2010.  Offering, academic writing jobs and article writing jobs are the most popularly posted jobs in this group.

Through the group, an aspiring academic writer is directed on the best mode to send their application and also on the recent vacancies. To check out some of the jobs posted, please visit freelance academic writing jobs in Kenya. is an international website that offers online academic writing jobs. The main reason why I have included it on this list is that it sometimes provides country-specific writing jobs.

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Anybody could post an academic writing job from anywhere in the world and give specifics on who to work on it. There is an assured flow of jobs on the website throughout the year.

The website also has a variety of freelance writing jobs to choose from ranging from software development, SEO, article writing, 3D modelling, and website design. Before signing up for any website, it is essential to do due diligence first.

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