IT Jobs in Kenya: Work From Home IT Based Jobs

In this post, we’re going to show you how and where to find the best IT Jobs in Kenya. These jobs are only available online, and anyone is welcomed to apply.

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So, moving on, let’s see what these jobs are and what they have to offer. Most jobs in Kenya require previous work experience as part of the qualification requirement.

But, what if you’ve just completed your education, where do you get your experience from?

Well, if you’re looking for gaining an entry-level experience while working on your career. Then I would recommend looking at some of the simple help desk gigs that offer remote jobs and apply to see what type of calls you get back to get you started on your career.

I know lots of hosting companies such as Apple that hire for part-time jobs on their support team for web-related stuff.

I also know that it’s hard getting your head inside these companies, but once you have your foot in one, there is no turning back as it becomes pretty easy to get another remote job after your first one.

IT Jobs in Kenya: Work from home IT-based jobs.

Let’s look at some of the best IT companies offering IT-based jobs. Note that, the companies are arranged in no particular order.

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1. is an answering service provider for customer service and customer care solutions to a number of its clients all over the world. This website bridges the gap between foreign companies and remote workers by creating jobs that can be done remotely.

2. Stack Overflow.

IT Jobs in Kenya

Yes, Stack Overflow, I know many of you think of it as only a question and answer forum. But apart from providing solutions to your toughest coding question.

Stack Overflow will assist you in finding the right job through their job listings and also search for roles based on location, title, salary, technology, and much more.

3. Workin Nomads

Next, on our list of IT jobs in Kenya, we take a look at This site provides a wide range of remote jobs just like ranging from article writing, social media manager, graphics design to complex programming and designing jobs.

You can take a look at this site and see what it have to provide to you and also what you have to offer in return in terms of your skills and experience level. In the meantime, let’s move on with our list, shall we?

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4. Gitlab

Well, we all know Gitlab as a software development platform where developers from all over the world get to work on a project as a team. But did you know that you can also get paid to horn your skills even further in the same way you contribute towards a project?

Now you know, why don’t you go ahead and give it a try here.

5. We Work remotely

We work remotely is the largest remote work website in the world. The best thing about this site is; jobs are either full or parttime and depend on region. The site is even easy to use with no login and registrations required.

6. Hubstaff

If you’re always looking for development jobs, then this Hubstaff is for you. But you have to keep checking in to this site from time to time to see available job openings.

7. Invision App

Invision App specifically targets to employ individuals good at digital products design.

That is it for today on IT jobs in Kenya. However, this is not the full list of available remote jobs online. Keep checking our blog for regular updates about remote IT jobs. Cheers!

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