Accessories for Customizing Your Honda Civic

Nothing looks as good as a car that has been customized with the best accessories. Many dealers use the wrong accessories for the wrong car hence the result is an uglier car. However, if you get the best designers in town, your ordinary car will get a million dollar look when the right accessories are used on it.

If you are looking for Honda Civic accessories, there are many that you can choose to enhance your vehicle. Customizing your vehicle allows you to get more value and usefulness out of your car.

Since the Civic is an inexpensive car, you can make sure it gets the latest technologies, while still not going overboard on your budget. Here are some of the most popular accessories for the Honda Civic.

First, many people like to get Honda Civic seat covers. These increase the comfort, look and feel of your seats. There is extra cushioning as well as better water resistance for spills.

If you like to have nice rims, there are some good Honda Civic rims out there to buy. Make sure that you buy rims that are for your model year car,

as not all the rims fit all years, they only pertain to certain models. 16-inch alloy wheels are also an upgrade.


If you are a big CD listener, there is an eight-CD changer, which is great for long trips. Coupled with that, there are some nice speakers you can add, as well as an XM radio accessory. XM would allow you to listen to sports and music from all around the country.

Having a remote engine starter is great. If you like to warm your car up before you leave, you can start it from the comfort and warmth of your home, while having piece of mind that it won’t be stolen (no key).

Some Civics have nose masks on them. There is a full one and half one that go on the top of your hood. This protects the hood from bugs, rocks and other things that are not good for the finish of your car.

For your trunk, many people go for the cargo net to keep everything nice and organized.

If you don’t get the navigation package, you can get a special trim that makes your car’s interior look highly technical carbon fiber look.


If you do get the navigation package, then the above is not an option, but your car will already look like that, so it doesn’t matter.

You can add a leather steering wheel to enhance the look of your car, as well as give you a better grip of the wheel as you drive.

Splash guards, car covers, door edge guards and other accessories that protect the finish and appearance of the outside of your car are also very popular.

Visors are great options for your door and moonroof. The moonroof visor will cut down glare, as well as make your car more aerodynamic. The door visor lets you open your window a bit, even if it is raining since it will block anything but the wind that will come into your car.

All season floor mats are also a great option so that you can have protection of your floor if you are always battling the elements in muddy areas.

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