20 Affordable Things To Do in Mombasa Kenya

Here we will talk about the top 20 affordable things to do in Mombasa in 2020. We all know Mombasa for its beautiful beaches lined with palm trees. For most of us, Mombasa is an expensive city. However, we unearth this myth by showing you the best places and things to do while traveling to Mombasa on a budget. You do not have to save for ten years to afford a visit. With this list, you will only need to save for a month or two and you are ready to go!

Let’s discuss these 30 affordable things below

1. Mama Ngina Drive

Mama Ngina drive is located next to Likoni Ferry. After its renovation, Mama Ngina drive is now known as the Waterfront. Lined with palm trees and a huge magnificent gate, this place is meant to ensure that you relax. Moreover, you will get to enjoy some affordable delicious cassava crips, sip your ‘Madafu’ on a sunny day as you watch birds and ferries dock nearby. If sampling delicacies is not your thing, you could jog as you listen to the water hitting the cliff. This place is safe for kids and therefore family-friendly. No entry fees are required to access the park and hence making it very affordable.

Mama Ngina Drive – New Look

2. Pirates Beach

We all wish that we could live by the beach. Pirates beach is a public beach found in Mombasa. All you need to access this beach is yourself and time. Therefore making pirates beach a very affordable place to visit while in Mombasa. Get to walk on the white sandy beach as you enjoy your ice cream or another cold drink. However, if you value privacy, it is recommended that you visit pirates beach in the morning. As then, you will not find a lot of hawkers and beach boys. If you are lucky enough, you could buy some fresh fish from a fisherman at an affordable price. As you don’t need any money to get in, it falls on the list of top 20 things to do while in Mombasa in 2020.

Pirates beach

3. Kongowea Market

Another cheap thing to do while in Mombasa is to visit Kongowea Market. It is found at the Junction in Mombasa, just after the Nyali bridge. A very affordable market where you can buy cheap second-hand clothes as well as fruits. Be patient enough to search deeply and you will not miss one or two clothes that will suit you.

Kongowea Market

4. Explore Fort Jesus

Exploring Fort Jesus is among the top 20 affordable things to do in Mombasa in 2020. Fort Jesus is one of the main tourist attractions on the coast. Fort Jesus is a world heritage site that was built by the Portuguese in the 1500s. There is a lot to explore at this site and therefore a major thing to do while in Mombasa. The entrance fee for Kenyan citizens is Ksh 200 for adults and 100 for children below 16 years. If you are a non-resident, you will have to pay a little more; adults at Ksh 1200 while children below 16 years are at 600 shillings. As a result, exploring Fort Jesus is a top affordable thing to do in Mombasa.

Fort Jesus

5. Haller Park – feed some giraffe’s

Haller park is found in Babmburi in Mombasa. It is a natural park that serves as a sanctuary to lost and orphaned animals. When you visit, you will be able to see a wide variety of animals including buffaloes, giraffes, antelopes as well as hippos. Apart from feeding the giraffes, you could decide to take a forest trail walk. The rates charged at this park vary depending on whether you are visiting as a student, teacher, lecturer, non-resident as well as a resident. An East African resident is charged Ksh 500 for Haller park and an additional Ksh 250 for forest trail while a child under 12 years is charged Ksh 200 for Haller park and 100 for forest trail. For non-residents, Haller park’s visit is Ksh 1600 while forest trail is at 600 with a child being charged Ksh 600 and ksh 300.

Feed giraffes at Haller Park

6. Marikiti Market

If you love your fruits even when in a new town, then the Marikiti market is the place. Get to enjoy some common street food and drinks as well such as banjia. Get an opportunity to purchase some artifacts and ornaments at an affordable price. You can also purchase some Maasai ornaments as well as they are sold by the vendors.

Marikiti Market Mombasa – Spices on display

7. Mamba village Mombasa

At Mamba village, you get the opportunity to engage and observe crocodiles at a close range. Mamba is the Swahili word for crocodiles. Moreover, while at Mamba village, you can choose to enjoy your lunch or breakfast at their restaurant. There are plenty of activities for the kids such as toy cars and bouncing castles. Mamba village charges Ksh 350 for resident adults and Ksh 800 for the non-resident.

Crocodile at Mamba Park, Mombasa

8. Nguuni Sanctuary

Nguuni Sanctuary is a beautiful place to visit while in Mombasa. This sanctuary is located at Nguu Tatu hills at Kiembeni. When you visit, you will be able to see Ostrich, giraffe, Oryx as well as antelope. Most tourists prefer visiting this sanctuary in the afternoon in order to experience the sun setting as well as watch birds. Entry fee for residents is at Ksh 350 while non-residents are charged at Ksh 800. Hence making it to the list of topo affordable things to do in Mombasa in 2020.

Nguuni Park

9. Mombasa Tusks

We have all seen the Mombasa tasks in photos forming the majestic M. There is nothing much to do at the tasks apart from taking Instagram worthy photos. Just carry your phone if it has a good camera and take a few shots. This picture will serve as a lifetime reminder of your accomplishments while you visited Mombasa.

Mombasa Tusks

10. Jumba la Mtwana

Jumba la Mtwana means the house of slaves is a relic of four houses, four mosques, and a tomb. At the moment, this place is not historically dated yet. Jumba la Mtwana is found in Kilifi, 15 Kilometres from Mombasa town. Moreover, it has been listed as a national monument and therefore protected by the law. At the moment, there are no charges to access Jumba la Mtwana. If you are in the area, feel free to swing by.

Jumba Mtwana

11. Drive across the Nyali Bridge

Nyali bridge connects Mombasa city to the mainland. Enjoy an afternoon drive across the bridge. You could decide to use the famous means of transport – Tuktuk or if you drove to Mombasa, your car. Enjoy spectacular views of the ocean as you take in the salty air. This is a fun, enjoyable and affordable things to do while in Mombasa in 2020.

Nyali Bridge

12. See all types of Fish at the Marine National Parks

There are four Marine parks in Mombasa; Kiunga Marine National Park, Malindi marine park, Watamu Marine park as well as Mombasa marine park. Get to see different types of fish as you take a boat ride across the ocean with a glass-bottom boat. If you feel like you would like to swim like the fish, deep-sea diving, as well as snorkeling, is allowed as well. Moreover, it is relatively cheap to access the marine park. Citizen adults are charged only Ksh 130. Come and be allured by natural beauty.

Fish at the Mombasa Marine Park

13. Get to see cargo ships offload at Port of Mombasa

Mombasa port is the principal seaport made up of Kilindini harbor, old port, port Reitz as well as port Tudor. Here you will see a hive of activities as cargoes get offloaded.

Cargo at Mombasa port

14. Enjoy a cup of Kenyan coffee at Mombasa Old Town

Mombasa Old Town is among the top things and places to visit while in Mombasa in 2020.  Get to soak in the rich history of this town as you walk through the narrow streets. Get to learn a few old architectural styles from the curved balconies and wooden doors. Be sure to sit down for a cup of Kenyan coffee accompanied by Mahamri and Banjia. Jahazi coffee house comes highly recommended. You could also shop for souvenirs and gifts from some of the shops found around here. Be sure to carry enough cash in case you find cute trinkets.

Kenyan Coffee from Mombasa Old Town

15. Wild Water Park – For some splashing!

This is the first water entertainment park in Mombasa. Offering you a wide variety of activities to undertake while at the park. It is one place you do not want to miss visiting. You will get to enjoy some exhilarating rides as you cry your lungs out. The park charges fees based on whether one wants to slide or not. If you would like to take part in sliding, you only have to part with Ksh.1,500. However, if you would like to participate in the other activities without sliding, you only have to part with Ksh 300 only! You would not want to miss experiencing this!

Water Park Slide

16. Shopping at Mombasa Town

Mombasa is well known for quality Kanga and deras at an affordable price. If you find yourself within the town center, be sure to shop for a few of those. If your swimming costume needs to be changed, be sure to look for another one here too. Moreover, you can be able to buy some beautiful sandals and open shoes here as well. If you love shopping and collecting antiques then you know shopping in the towns you visit cannot miss on the list of top affordable things to do in Mombasa in 2020.

Aerial View of Mombasa Town

17. A quiet time at Holy Ghost Cathedral

The holy ghost cathedral is a landmark in Mombasa. This Cathedral is close to hitting a hundred years since it was constructed. There is a place for prayer at the back of the church. Therefore, if you would like to reconnect with your maker while on holiday, this is a beautiful place to spend some time.

Holy Ghost Cathedral

18.Mombasa Butterfly

Mombasa Butterfly cannot miss on the list of top 20 things to do while in Mombasa. Here you will get to see some live butterflies exhibited for you to view and enjoy. Located just behind Fort Jesus, you will enjoy scenic views of tropical butterflies. Entry fees at Mombasa Butterfly are only Ksh.100 for Kenyan Citizens and Ksh 50 for children. One could also have a picnic while here making the visit even more scenic.

Mombasa Butterfly

19. Go Karting at Mombasa Go – Kart

For the adrenaline junkies, Mombasa go-kart got you. This is real racing which is meant to bring competitiveness out of you. Apart from karting, there are over activities that you can take part in. For instance archery tagging, paintballing as well as bike riding.

Mombasa Go Kart

20. Ferry Ride

Take a ferry ride to the south coast from the Kilindini harbor. It had to appear on this list of top 20 affordable things to do in Mombasa. I promise you that it will be an interesting experience as here you will enjoy diversity. Be wary of the shoving, pushing and running that goes on as people try to get on the ferry. Despite some of the uneventful events that occurred last year, it is still something worth doing in Mombasa 2020.






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