Benefits of Learning Online in Kenya

How Learning Online in Kenya is Beneficial

We have discussed Advantages of Online Learning in Kenya and in this article we shall go through more benefits of learning Online in Kenya. E-Learning happens at any time and at any location where you have access to a computer with web access!

What is Online learning?

Online learning means learning and supporting resources are available through a computer. There are many definitions and many types online learning; basically, e-learning courses are taught via the Web.

Features of E-Learning

If you want to learn at your own pace and in your own environment, our e-learning courses will suit you perfectly. Using a computer, you progress from one module to another by using the many tools at your disposal:

  • Integrated links to information and reference materials;
  • Interesting graphics;
  • Interactive learning activities.
  • Video & Audio Modules

Other useful features:

    • Printable Notepad;
    • Personal bookmarks;
    • Drop tooltips;
    • Virtual visit of the navigation module and tools

Benefits in terms of training and education

Better assimilation of knowledge and learning faster

  • The knowledge assimilation rate is higher among people who follow online courses than those who follow in class and they supplement their learning before others.
  • The material is delivered in smaller units that are more manageable. People can go to the field they know, and further, explore the new material;
  • According to various published studies, the rate of assimilation of knowledge of those who take an e-learning course is 100% higher than among those who follow similar classroom;
  • Learning courses online generally require 30 to 60% less time than a comparable classroom.

Self-paced learning

  • Students can absorb information at their own pace.

Learning is less intimidating

  • Participants can ask questions of client services without having to worry about what other students will think. They can also complete their private exercises without fear of failure.

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More interactivity

  • Some studies students taking classroom courses generally pose questions by 0.1 hours. Students who are enrolled in online learning courses can, through the question and answer instructional software interact to 120 times per hour.

Benefits administratively

Learning “just in time” rather than “just in case.”

  • Online courses are offered at all times so that people who want to know more about a subject do not need to wait for a trainer to be available to teach the course in question.

Customizable Content

  • Courses can be tailored to the student to meet the specific needs of an organization. Additional information such as your organization’s policies, procedures, and contact information for contacts to ensure greater relevance. Add whatever it takes to meet the specific needs of your industry.

Content uniformity

  • The information provided to participants following online courses are always the same. If your employees take courses that are taught in class by different trainers or at different times, the information provided may vary from one course to another.

Access “anywhere, anytime.”

  • Online courses can be taken at times convenient to the body, anywhere there is a computer with access to the Web.Les employees do not need to be absent from work for long periods.

Tracking progress is easy

  • An organization can automatically track the progress of employees through learning programs online. Learning management systems usually take note of the dates on which courses were taken, time spent and the results obtained for each examination.

Significant cost savings

  • In addition to reducing the duration of training, the use of e-learning programs eliminates the need to travel and the associated expenses for both the students and the instructors. A study published in Training Magazine indicated that organizations use online learning programs rather than classroom courses are saving 50 to 70% in training costs.

How to Get Online Courses in Kenya


For you to start learning online at Smart Kenyan Academy, You have to Register on our platform online. Once you have registered you can go through the Course Directory to select the course of your choice and click on the take course button. This will enable you to get the benefits of learning online.

UPDATE 2019: We no longer offer online courses in Kenya.

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