How to Create an Online Course Easily

Creating an online course is relatively easy even if you have limited experience with online learning environments. There are some steps for you to follow and successfully develop its distance learning courses or even sell them on the internet. Well in this post we’ll discuss on how to create an online course, stay with me.

The steps are so simple, that during the course creation process you can develop your skills as a teacher, video producer, Internet marketer and seller of online courses with tools and tips that you will get from this article. The following article will take you through the basics of how to create an online Course.

How to Create an Online Course Overview

# 1 Plan and Structure

The first step in creating a course is to have an idea in mind and a willingness to teach. The first step is setting up what you intend to teach, have a curricular in mind. This will be done offline. You can create an overview of the course, what units need to be taken, the tests and exams you will require setting up your complete course.

It is in this step that you need to determine how you will deliver your training/course to your students, there are several ways you can do that on Smart Kenyan Academy: Video, Audio, text in form of Slides, Images and so much more.

Having been able to plan your course carefully offline then let us see how you will deliver the course to your students on the next step!

# 2 Up to The Internet

One of the most amazing things about becoming a professional online educator is that you have access to a wide variety of tools and resources. One of them is that you can create your courses from the start to finish with an LMS (learning management system).

Even if you have no technical knowledge, you can simply use this incredible platform to integrate your custom course with PowerPoint presentations, using Videos, Audio to teach and track your students. Using an LMS will reduce the course creation Costs by 90%. Thus saving you money and time to work on other projects.

# 3 Sale Your Course

The Digital World is right here with us, but we are living in a world where not so many people have embraced this digital age. There are very many people who still have difficulty and lack of confidence to buy anything online. As a matter of fact, intellectual products such as courses are more difficult to sell than a physical product.

So how do you sell your courses online? Half of the marketing is already done for you by the LMS platform, for the other half, Stay put for our next article.

Hint: Using Social Media Marketing, and other forms of Internet marketing.

Conclusion on How To Create Online Course

This has just been an overview of how to create an online course, so after following the steps above, you will begin your journey with online courses. You will have multiple bases techniques and pointers to improve your way of learning and teaching.

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