Corporate Training Solutions – Saving Time With Focus Groups

If you are designing a corporate training course online, this article will give you a general idea of how long your employees will have to have the work and what GAP’s learning to observe in order to complete the training.

It is without a doubt that in the corporate world time is money. Knowing the time required to complete a course is as important as knowing the cash investment that will be required to build a business training.

Corporate Training Solutions – Focus Groups

Using focus groups to analyze the user experience can be a bit time consuming and require additional resources, however, this is worth the investment, as it will allow you to calculate the course of time, the learning experience, and other metrics that we teach here.

This strategy is one of the most effective and simple to measure the effectiveness of a course at the time of its development. To do this, you need to gather a group of people to take the course normally.

It is essential that the focus group understand that the course of the implementation rhythm is that they deem necessary to acquire and absorb the information that is passed.

The number of people under the course group can vary depending on the size of your company. To get results and a more effective global average, it is recommended that the group consists of above three people and from them, you will optimize your course, especially in activities of development time and time required for course completion.

Here’s what you should be aware of your focus group.

Different Students Acquire Information At Different Rates

No two are the same. All students in your course will respond differently to various activities, they will acquire and absorb information at different speeds.

While a student may complete the training in half an hour, another can take 45 minutes to do the same way through all modules. As such, it is important to have a diverse group of students in your focus group.

This will allow you to calculate an estimate of time with different answers, always analyzing behaviors and needs of students.

Other factors to consider when studying the learning experience, is the age of your audience and their educational background. For example, if you are creating an online training to more mature professionals who are new in the industry, this will increase the time required for completion, information absorption and the nature of its activities and events.

The Nature Of Activities

Consider what you want to teach, each activity has a different teaching power. For example, if you have structured a course with plenty of text-based information, then the time of completion of the course will be higher than a course with lessons on video since the speed of information transferred through video is larger and faster.

It is important that you build the evaluation activities for content fixation based on the needs of students. With the trend gamefication, activities in a “quiz” or “simulation” may be more effective for some people than traditional tests.

For example, if your course needs to teach its employees a new skill, then they are likely to absorb more information and learn more easily in a scenario of interactive simulations.

Although it might take a longer time to structure the course, this tactic can be better than reading a text with instructions.

Reflection and Critical Thinking

Your students are human beings, not robots, Therefore, they will need some time to think, reflect and absorb the information you are delivering.

Some tasks and activities may require more critical thinking time, such as reviews or simulations. Also, if you have many texts or many stories in your course, you need to allow some time for its employees to connect with content.

The ideal would be to analyze in general and each activity module within your course, so that you can accurately measure each learning experience.

Traditional Classroom Vs E-Learning

If you are creating a distance learning course with learning materials (books, handouts) that already exist and have been used previously in the traditional classroom, make sure that the time of your course is reduced by about 50%.

Of course, this depends largely on the type of activity you will integrate and nature of the subject. However, as a general rule, with e-learning, you can accomplish more tasks in a short period of time.

You do not have to be Precise

You should not get stressed trying to be accurate with the calculation and analysis of the course. In fact, it is perfectly acceptable to have only a rough estimate of how long it will take to complete a course.

The important part of this analysis is to point where your employees are struggling to learn and then improve. For best results and based on real numbers, we emphasize the importance of a professional platform for management and teaching.


Use these tips to find out exactly how long your students are taking to complete a training and what points they are having difficulties, ensuring that you provide an effective and meaningful experience.

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