Best Apps to read books (2019 update)

Hey, are you looking for something to read? Here are some of the best apps to read books for free on your smartphone or tablet.

With the advent of eBooks, more and more books are being published online. So, it now easy for you as a book worm to find what you want to read anytime anywhere.

There are numerous apps there acting like ebook readers but finding the best app that suits you depends on the ebook format you have. Free ebooks are usually distributed in the form of epubs, PDF, Mobi, and PDF formats.

Before we begin, let’s look at some of the reasons you need an app to read your favorite book.

10 Best Apps to read books.

Why eBooks and apps for reading?


You could spend months searching for your next book to read. But with ebooks, all you need to do is go online and search for your favorite book or Author.


With eBooks lies the advantage of portability. You don’t need to pack extra books in case you’re going out/moving. In addition to the above, no one will notice that you’re reading a book or surfing the web on your device.

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Furthermore, you don’t need to tag along with your dictionary for ambiguous vocabulary as most of the apps come inbuilt with a dictionary


You don’t need to worry about the fonts as you can customize an ebook-reading app to your convenience. Equally important with most eReaders is that they are environmentally friendly and you also get to read your book in the dark.

With that in mind, let’s move on to see where we can find books to download and read. See Benefits of Learning Online in Kenya.

Where to download ebooks – Paid or Free.

There are plenty of websites online where you can be able to purchase books or even get them for free. Some of these sites are free and others need a subscription for you to access their resources, think of it as an online library where you have a virtual library card.

In the meantime, let’s see some eBooks formats that are available online.

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Types of eBooks

It is good to note that ebooks are made in different formats in order to cater for different reading apps and end-users as well. Here are some of the formats you’re likely to encounter. We’ll discuss which format is better with what app to read ebooks in the next subheading.

Types of Ebook formats.

These are some of the popular ebook formats that are widely accepted.

  1. EPUB – Supports different graphics, sound, and even videos. Supported by most readers too.
  2. PDF – Is the standard ebook format, works better in PC’s
  3. AZW and AZW3 –  supports ebooks bought from Amazon. (Specifically meant for Kindle app)
  4. MOBI – Does not support sound and video.

The best app to read ebooks

  1. Aldiko eBook reader.
  2. Amazon Kindle.
  3. Wattpad.
  4. Kobo.
  5. Nook.
  6. GoodReads.
  7. iBooks.
  8. Google Play Books.
  9. Wiztrit.
  10. AnyBooks.


This ebook reader comes completely bundled with plenty of books. Actually AnyBooks reader is considered to be the largest offline digital library in the whole wide world.

The app library features tons of free ebooks ranging from science fiction, history, biography to self-help.

Aldiko eBook reader

The Aldiko reader is best suited for EPUB format type of ebooks. The app features a bookshelf where you can store your books for feature reading. I personally have been using this app to read most of my books.

Besides its ability to read epub books, Aldiko is easily customizable to suit your needs. You can adjust the screen brightness, choose between the different reading modes (Day and Night).

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Last but not least, the app allows you to select the best font for your eyes as well as opening the last page you were reading before a coffee break. The fun part comes when you just have to swipe left or right to flip the pages just as you’ll do with a book in your hands.

In conclusion about best apps to read books, we strongly urge you as our esteemed reader, to support both local and African writers by buying their original books via the right channels to help them grow and write more books.

Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is a subscription service offered by Amazon through its kindle store that allows users to read, buy, view, and download its series of newspaper, magazines, ebooks, and other digital print media online.

The app is free on Google play store as well as the App Store but you need an account and a subscription in order to access the Kindle library.

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Where to download free ebooks online.

Well, there are plenty of places you can read or download ebooks online but only after you’ve undergone a hustle. However, am going to list here both free and paid platform from which you can download your books from. So, let’s do this.

Disclaimer! This post is only meant for informational purposes and we do not support piracy in any form whatsoever. In fact, we condemn it! Happy Reading 😉

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