Best Solutions to Restore Formatted Partition

Do you want to delete or move a file and get an access denied error? Computer users may receive an error message at a point “Access Denied Error.”  When this message triggers, you may worry about your missing or lost partition. In this situation, you may try to get access to the folder. Sometimes, you can fix this issue as an administrator of the computer. An admin account may help you to access files and restore formatted partition.

Sometimes, you will get a message “the file is in use.” There are several reasons for this error, such as you don’t have ownership of folders or file or your operating system is currently using this file. NTFS permissions can be a responsible factor for access denied error. Some other reasons for this issue are encryption on a folder; the file is in use or user profile is corrupt. To get access to folder or data, you must have permissions for your account.

There are several reasons for access denied error, such as power outage, human error or malware. Regardless of the reason, you want to recover your lost data. To stay safe, start your work with lost partition recovery software, such as Recoverit partition recovery.

Importance of a Partition

Partition is an essential zone on hard disks for the operating system to separately manage information. A partition is necessary for data protection because you can save your files on multiple regions. It is convenient to recover files from an inaccessible partition.

With the help of partition, you will get the freedom to run several operating systems on a PC. Multiple partitions can increase your opportunity to install new versions of Windows in a new partition without influencing the current OS. By creating new partitions, you can give an instant boost to your performance by decreasing stroking.

Here are some reasons for inaccessible partitions and solutions to recover them. However, you can use a specialized software solution for data recovery to recover different types of partition.

Recoverit Partition Recovery for Windows

Recoverit partition recovery is an award-winning software. Millions of users trust this software to recover their data. You can use its free version to restore files of a formatted partition. Follow these steps to recover a lost partition.

Launch the powerful partition recovery solution “Recoverit Data recovery” to get your important files back. It will take a few minutes to recover your deleted partition. The recovery software can retrieve damaged, lost or deleted partition for windows. A Mac version is also available to restore files from a Mac.

  • After launching Recoverit partition recovery, you are ready to recover deleted partition.
  • Choose a drive where you deleted or lost your partition and hit on “Start.” A scan will start to recover files from lost partition.
  • Recoverit partition recovery may start a quick scan. If you don’t get your data with a quick scan, feel free to start a deep scanning by hitting “All-around recover” mode.

In this mode, Recoverit data recovery will search for maximum files. Fortunately, you can check these recovered files before restoring them. Reviewing option allows you to restore selective files only. Make sure to start the data recovery process before overwriting your disk drive. Any overwriting can permanently delete your data. Make sure to save your restored data on an external drive.

Partition Becomes an Unallocated Space

Sometimes, your drive becomes inaccessible because of a power outage. Your disk drive may become unallocated. In this situation, you have to recover your lost partition. Fortunately, it will be comfortable with Recoverit partition recovery solution. With this professional software, you can regain access to inaccessible, deleted or lost partition with 100 percent data integrity.

Incorrect Parameter

You may receive “incorrect parameter” error while accessing data on an external drive. It is a standard error on the USB flash drive, SD card, and external hard drive. The causes of this error can be a power failure, bad sectors, attack or corrupt file system. To solve this problem, you have to format your drive. Follow these steps to format a drive:

  • Connect your drive to a system
  • Right-click on a computer and choose “Manage – Disk Management.”
  • Now right click on your corrupt drive and hit “format” followed by OK on a pop-up dialog box. Set volume label and file system. Search a quick format option and hit OK.

Remember, formatting will remove your data stored on this drive. For this reason, use a powerful and efficient data recovery tool to recover stored data. With Recoverit data recover, you can recover stored data on an inaccessible partition. If your USB device is not recognized, you have to fix BIOS setting issue or compatibility issue.

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