BMW m7 wins the most luxurious vehicle of the year

Everybody realizes that BMW made and still make probably the most exceptional and luxurious autos on the planet, additionally with less fuel consumption or electric autos, all this is attributed to the propelled innovation that BMW creates day by day.

BMW has won a handful of rewards a year ago, and now it is the minute for the BMW’s leader, BMW 7 Series, which was launched last to win the “2016 World Luxury Car of The Year” at the New York International Auto Show.

The “World Luxury Car” classification was initially started in 2014, on that year the victor of the “World Luxury Car” title was the Mercedes S-Class and once more, in 2015, Mercedes won the title with its S-Class Coupe.

2016 is the third year of the “World Luxury Car” occasion and BMW’s 7 Series figures out how to win the prestigious “World Luxury Car of the Year” grant. BMW 7 Series is a top notch car that gives solace and extravagance at exclusive expectations and that uses 25 innovations of which 13 were rewarded for the high class segment. Among the more up to date advances we can identify some of them: Active Gesture Control, Carbon Core to moderate weight (this implies that there is more driving dynamics and performance), including a “sky lounge” sunroof and others. Do these advances sound well, yes! Isn’t that so?

The opposition’s name is “World Car Awards” and was upheld by 73 top car journalists from various nations who have pronounced the BMW 7 Series, the champ of the title.

Dr. Ian Robertson (BMW AG), included,

“We are delighted and honored that the BMW 7 Series has been perceived as the World Luxury Car of the Year. Since it’s dispatched last autumn the reaction from both the media and our clients has been to a great degree positive, with individuals particularly appreciative about the way the 7 Series joins wonderful cutting edge extravagance with the remarkable driving flow that BMW is well known for.”

Well done BMW!

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