BMW Should Produce More Crossovers and less cars

There is a voice inside many BMW dealers and consumers that suggest the Germans should adapt better to the market needs. By this they mean that BMW should focus on more crossovers and less cars.

His name is Damon Shelly and he’s the chairman of the BMW National Dealer Forum. Interviewed by Automotive News, he stated that BMW forces the sales of passenger cars, instead of accepting the natural trend on the market. It seems that the balance between the customers’ needs and the BMW offer isn’t close to what it should be. In an example, the sales of the BMW light-trucks totaled to 33 percent of the vehicles sold in last year’s market, while a more realistic number would be around 40 percent.

In response to the increasing demand for the X models, BMW boosted the production in the Spartanburg plant in South Carolina, due to their support to the plant; they managed to produce over 400.000 vehicles last year. It is also expected that there will  be some newcomers in the X family: rumors has it that a small coupe crossover will take place and some certain facts about the mighty X7 will probably increase the production even more in the following years.

It is expected that the new X7 will be the best-seller in the market and it was confirmed that it would be a luxury version, with only four seats and will be available at a price of just over 100,000 USD. It will possibly feature a hybrid powertrain, together with other twin turbo gasoline engines for the American market and at least a diesel engine for the international customers. One thing is sure: BMW is experiencing a great period, and they have to handle it carefully to keep the clients happy.

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