Cloudy Headlights are life-threatening

Behind the wheel, anything that compromises your ability to see can also compromise your safety. Over time, headlights accumulate dirt and grime just like the other areas of your car, truck, van or SUV. Before you go and purchase a new set of headlights, however, consider a headlight restoration process.

Many times, it’s possible to restore your headlights to near-factory condition without the hassle of installing a new set. If your headlights appear cloudy, yellowed or hazy, start with a simple car wash. If after the wash your lamps are still looking discoloured, it may be time for a restoration.

Haziness and Yellowing

Headlights are generally made of a polycarbonate plastic which, although durable, can start to break down over time. Just like with paint and plastic components of your vehicle, UV rays wear down the top layers of the headlight plastic. This makes it susceptible to scratches and fading.

When the hard coat of your headlights starts to wear off, that’s where hazy areas start to appear. The “yellowing” of your headlights is also caused by the loss and deterioration of this hard coat and has to do with the distortion of UV wavelengths.

Water Vapor and Dirt

This also plays a part in your headlight condition. Moisture from the trapped air in your headlights creates condensation which can scatter the light beam, making it dimmer. In addition, the more you drive, the more your headlights are exposed to dirt and oxidation.

A thin layer of dirt may not be visible to the naked eye, but it can certainly affect the brightness of your beams. Rocks and pebbles that hit your lamps can cause dents and cracks, which hinder your headlights from shining their brightest.

What to do

As previously mentioned, the first step is giving your headlights a nice cleaning, along with the rest of your vehicle. Using a sanding paper, sand your deadlights until the yellowing is all gone.

Rinse your headlights and wash them with spirit or vinegar. After that, spray a layer of anti UV clear vanish on the headlight and leave it to dry. And there we go; your headlights are restored to almost as new as their factory condition.

Clean headlights:

  • Make nighttime driving safer
  • Provide greater visibility
  • Last Longer
  • Can look like new!

You can also contact experts in headlights restoration in Kenya and avoid hefty costs of replacing them with new ones.

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