10+ Best Coffee Shops in Nairobi

Today, we are going to look at some of the top 10 best coffee shops in Nairobi.

Kenya is known worldwide for producing the best coffee. It is only paramount that it has the best Coffee shops in its capital city, Nairobi. It is offering not only the best coffee but also with good ambience.

However, good coffee is subjective; it is, therefore, reasonable to venture out and try to find a coffee shop that serves your taste.

Top Coffee Shops Nairobi

Here are the best Coffee Shops in Nairobi:

  1. Mugg and Bean

This is a coffee themed franchise that originates from South Africa. In Nairobi, Mugg and Bean are located in various locations offering you coffee and your favourite pastries while on the move.

Here customers become regulars and friends as experts prepare their coffee. Moreover, this coffee shop is easily accessible. If you live along Thika road, they got you, and there is one along Limuru road, Ngong’ road as well as Kiambu road. Therefore, if one of your new year’s goals was to grow your relationships, then here is a place to try out.

10 best coffee shops in Nairobi
Mugg and Bean

2. News Cafe

The News Cafe offers you coffee, the best burger in town and entertainment. This Cafe has sophisticated decor that enables one to have intimate conversations. In Nairobi, News Cafe is found in four locations.

At Sarit centre, Kilimani, Rosslyn and Karen. It’s also an excellent environment to get some work done. However, if you are visiting the cafe as a large group, it is essential to book a table earlier as its hard to find a large empty table. The setting and food presentation is suitable for the glam on Instagram.

3. Artcaffe

Unlike the first two coffee shops mentioned above, Artcaffe is Kenyan. If you are all about supporting made in Kenya, then head down to Artcaffe and enjoy their delicious coffee.

At the moment, Artcaffe has 13 branches sprawled all over Nairobi. It is offering top-notch services to its customers.  Some of its locations include Westgate Mall, Thika road mall, Westminister branch as well as Valley Arcade.

All the Cafe’s have stunning decor and delightful pastries to accompany your coffee. The next time you happen to be near one, get in and try it out!

10 best coffee shops in Nairobi

4. Java House

Java House is the most popular coffee shop in Kenya. Commonly referred to as Java. It is well known for its fine ground coffee and delicious accompaniments. As more and more organisations in Nairobi allow flexible work among its employees.

Java House is one coffee shop you are meant to meet a few people sitting behind their laptops getting work done. In addition to many people making Java house their office away from the office, it is also a place where we meet for dates and networking.

Moreover, it has more than 67 coffee shops located all over Kenya. Therefore making it the best coffee shop in Nairobi. In 2019, Java House celebrated 20 years in the Kenyan market. Try out any Java branch near you as their services are standardised across all branches.

10 best coffee shops in Nairobi
Java House

5. Gibsons Coffee House

This is another best coffee shop in Nairobi to chill with friends and family. Gibsons coffee brand is one that has been trusted in Kenya and beyond for over 50 years now. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that now, it has three coffee shops in Nairobi.

There is the Westlands branch that offers you coffee in a classy environment, and then there is the Koinange branch. More to providing the coffee, Gibson’s coffee house offers the tastiest freshly baked cakes and other pastries.

10 best coffee shops in Nairobi
Gibsons Coffee shop

6. Coffee Casa

If you like taking your coffee in a place that has a beautiful ambience, Coffee casa is the place. They will serve you delicious coffee as you enjoy the calm from the buzz of your life.

Moreover, if Cofee and Pizza is your thing, then they also serve freshly made pizza’s. Hence making it to the list of best coffee shops in Kenya. This cafe is located at the Doctor’s plaza on Parklands road. If you live around this side of town, give them a try.

10 best coffee shops in Nairobi
coffee casa

7. Barista & Co

It’s another Kenyan owned coffee shop that not only offers coffee but also roasts speciality coffee. If you love knowing that your coffee is ground from the authentic coffee beans. Try Barista & Co coffee out. This coffee shop also offers excellent panini’s and pastries to accompany the coffee. Barista and Co are among the best coffee shops in Kenya.

10 best coffee shops in Nairobi
Barrister & co

8. Connect Coffee

Connect Coffee offers more than a coffee shop for social networking. It offers a showroom with premium coffee machines, a coffee academy that trains individuals on how to be professional coffee baristas, green coffee export as well as technical assistance to farmers.

It does not matter whether you like your coffee brewed hot or cold, they have got both. More to this, the coffee shop also sells iced tea and juice. You will find various pastries, such as waffles to accompany your delicious coffee.

If you are interested in learning more about coffee, Connect coffee organises events to keep you informed. You can find this top coffee shop in three locations in Nairobi. Mainly, Gigiri Complex, Riverfront building and at Sanlam towers. Moreover, this shop has an online shop where it sells it’s freshly ground coffee at an affordable cost. Connect coffee is the top 10 coffee shop in Nairobi.

10 best coffee shops in Nairobi
Ten best coffee shops in Nairobi

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9. Pointzero Coffee

This is a stylish restaurant located at the Nairobi Gallery. This coffee shop offers you delicious coffee and a place to meet and make friends. Many have described this coffee shop as an unexpected gem in the city.

If you are working in the town centre, try Pointzero coffee for some delicious tea and amazing pastries. This explains why it had to appear in this list of 10 best coffee shops in Nairobi.

10. Cafe American

This top cafe in Nairobi CBD is located inside the Hilton hotel. Hilton hotel is one of the best top 5-star restaurants in Kenya. It serves various varieties of coffee and tea. To accompany the coffee, other delicacies are offered, such as pastries and panini.

Moreover, is you are more a juice person than a coffee person, they offer you a wide variety of fresh juices to select from. Hence making it to the list of 10 best coffee shops in Nairobi.

11. Coffee and Bagels Shop

This Coffee shop is located along Lenana road. It offers its clients the best coffee there is to provide in Kenya. The coffee shop is well decorated to achieve a rustic wooden feel. Your coffee will be served in lovely mugs. As the name suggests, you can order a bagel to accompany your coffee.

Credits; Yummy Magazine

That’s it.  Make sure you read our piece on why Nairobi is an Amazing City. Let us know which coffee house in Nairobi is your favourite.

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