Commonly Asked International Car Rental Questions

Are you an expatriate seeking to come to Kenya or a Kenyan seeking to go abroad? Well if that is the case, you must have some means of mobility when you get to your destination. Other people prefer to hire taxis or Ubers while in a foreign country while there are those who only trust themselves with the wheel. This article will be biased on the people who love to drive themselves.

International car rental arrangements are best initiated before departure from your home country. Although major car rental companies like AAA offer car rentals worldwide, the terms and conditions vary in different countries.

There are often several questions that arise regarding international car rentals. Visitors traveling overseas will also benefit by bearing in mind certain questions they should ask rental companies at the time of reservations. This ensures hassle-free travel and an enjoyable overseas experience.

Questions Often Asked

  • Is there a minimum age for international car rental?
  • Do international cars have automatic transmissions or is it necessary to drive a stick shift?
  • How do I obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP)?
  • Is it necessary to have a Credit Card?
  • How do I obtain Insurance Coverage for an International Car Rental?
  • Is there a drop-off fee?
  • Is there a specific time for drop-off?
  • Does the cost of car rental include additional taxes and fees?
  • Are there discounts for AAA members or senior citizens?
  • Could I use a debit card in lieu of a credit card towards reservations?
  • Whether child safety seats part of the basic cost?

Apart from these questions, travelers are advised to familiarize themselves with road conditions and local regulations that ensure driver and passenger safety. Several car rental companies charge additional fees for adding drivers to the car rental agreement.

Since the size of cars available in each country differs, it’s best to talk to a reservation agent to validate the type of rental car selected. An IDP is valid when used in conjunction with a valid driver’s license from the country that issued the IDP. It’s also beneficial to read the terms and conditions listed on the car rental agreement.

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