Crucial Aspects you should consider when selecting a Kenyan hospital

Emergencies strike at the least expected times. At that moment, people do not have the luxury of time to choose what Kenyan hospital is best for their patient. Kenyan women are among the most vulnerable when it comes to choosing the right hospital for medical procedures. The choice of a hospital is crucial as it could be a choice between life and mystery.

Kenyatta hospital, for example, is a famous national hospital but due to the high number of patients, it is easier for errors to occur and that we can ascertain.

The same case applies to several other government Kenyan hospital s. However, it is important to realize that not all hospitals are the same.

There are some hospitals where patients get better medical care, experience fewer medical mistakes, and receive more attention for their medical needs.

It is therefore important to have your options right long before disaster strikes. One way is to have a health insurance cover and the next is to choose the right hospital.

Kenya women waiting for their delivery day should have a hospital of choice at mind to avoid confusion when the time comes. Dr. Wangui Muthigani has a word for all Kenyan women deciding whether or not a hospital or health facility works for them. Dr. Wangui is a Program Manager- Maternal and Newborn Health at the Ministry of Health.

She says that apart from the personal vaals and preferences, the following should be considered when prioritizing for a hospital of choice: accessibility, acceptability, safety, affordability, feasibility and sustainability


If you randomly asked people what their favorite hopitals were, you would get answers ranging from Kijabe Mission, M P Shal, and Nairobi women. The bottom line is, there are hospitals that already have a legacy for their good services. However, acceptability is subjective to every woman or patient.

In broad strokes, the health care provider should understand a woman’s right to information, informed consent, confidentiality and privacy. It must assure freedom from harm, dignity and respect, and provide equal and equitable care.


Generally speaking, the best hospitals in kenya are found in urban settings. If you look around, the most renowned hospitals are in towns because the resources there are readily available.

As such, rural women in Kenya have had to travel long distance in pursuit of better women-friendly services in Towns. Preventive care services, contraception services, wellness services, family planning, and sub-specialty care are all critical to women’s health.

The reality is that the scope of care varies across socio-economic boundaries. Therefore it is not uncommon for most women with lower incomes or the uninsured to be denied certain critical services due to cost.


Make sure that your hospital of choice is not placing their financial priorities above your well-being. Common indicators include over prescription or charges that you cannot really relate to. Are they ordering tests you don’t need? Are they really listening to you?

Did they perform procedures you don’t need? The first thing your health provider should do is ensure you are safe. Unnecessary tests, medicines, and procedures put clients in harm’s way.


We are all aware of the socio-economic gap in Kenya and for those who were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth, affording world-class medical attention is almost impossible.

However, make sure you get what is rightfully yours by registering for NHIF insurance that will give you a key to affordable care.


Many people think that good health is normal but I like to see it as a blessing. You won’t acknowledge that until you have the slightest of pain anywhere in your body. We cannot do what we do every day if our health is in question.

You should always make sure that everything is healthy with your body and mind. You can easily access valuable information that concerns any prospective hospital’s safety or its quality of service and patient care through smart research.

Health care services should be within reach, good quality and with the above traits regardless of your changing fortunes.


There are many aspects that come in your way when choosing the right hospital. Let’s say you already found an affordable health provider that is close to you.

You like the services they offer but are only open for specific services you need on Tuesday from 9am-12pm.

Your work hours are crazy; your boss won’t let you go for that very important appointment. Bottom line, look for a flexible/ feasible health provider.

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