Top 10 Best Driving Schools in Kenya 2020

Experts recommend top ten best driving schools in Kenya. That is, is we had to give out an award for the best instructors whose main job is to bring out the best in new drivers.

Read on to find the list of the top driving schools in Kenya in 2020. If you want to earn your diving license from the best dring school in Kenya.

You are required to undergo testing in a recognised driving school in Kenya. We will be adding more schools to the list in future.

List of Best Driving schools in Kenya in 2020

Here is a list of top driving schools in Kenya:

1. Petanns Driving School

Petanns driving school is a well-known driving school in Nairobi. It has branches sprawled all over the city in different locations. For instance, this school has offices at Kayole, Dandora, Mathare, Kangemi, Ruai, among other estates.

One thing that this school has been able to do is targeting the normal Mwananchi living in the low income earning estates. The school charges Ksh 13,000 for 30 lessons that are the full course. Just like any other school or business, the school has both positive and negative reviews in its social media pages.

2. Glory Driving School

Glory driving school has been around for quite some time now. The school is located along Murang’a road and offers training in most driving categories available in Kenya. However, this school does not have as many offices as Petanns has, but it is a reputable school.

For its full course of 15 lessons, it charges only Ksh 12,000. According to some of its the school has some hidden charges and therefore the amount stated above should not only inform your decision before visiting them first.

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The glory school learning process involves practical, mechanical as well as theoretical work, which has earned the school regional recognition. Glory driving school was recently awarded a prize for the Kenya Road Safety Award for its effort in educating Kenyans as well as students why road safety is essential.

This driving school has succeeded in training more than one million students that are now qualified and skilled drivers.

3. Heltz Driving School

Heltz driving school headquarters is located along Tom Mboya street. However, it has various other locations too such as at Utawala, Westlands, Ngara, Ruaraka and the Industrial area.

The school Having trained several drivers for over 36 years, Heltz Driving School is undisputedly one of the top 5most admired driving schools in Kenya and the oldest in the country. This institution is best known for its regard for transparency and efficiency in service delivery.

The school offers two significant driving classes, and that is BCE and FG. It is also very cost-effective as a motorcycle learner has to pay Ksh 6,500 for 15 lessons. For motor vehicle driving, the price is only Ksh 9,500 for 30 lessons.

4. Rocky Driving school

Rocky driving school just like Heltz driving school has been in operation for a very long time. Its head office is located along Factory street at Industrial Area Nairobi. Moreover, it has branches in different counties, such as Machakos, Eldoret, Kisumu, and Kajiado.

It offers lessons on three significant classes that is E, BCE, and FG. For one to take lessons on Motor vehicle driving, they need to pay Ksh 9,400 for 20 lessons. However, learning how to ride a motorbike is relatively cheaper at Ksh 7,000 for the same number of lessons.

In 2018, Rocky driving school emerged as one of the best driving schools in Kenya. It is, therefore, giving those who would love to learn driving a reason to join them. Rocky driving school is further known for offering customised packages to meet the needs of its customers.

5. Automobile Association of Kenya driving school

This is the best driving school in Kenya as of now. It offers driving lessons for all classes of a motor vehicle. This school has been in operation for 57 years and has more than 27 branches all over Kenya.

The headquarters for this school is located at the AA house off North Airport road. Apart from training drivers as individuals, it also offers training of trainers driving lessons.

Other services offered by this school to its students include:

  • A full assessment of driver competence for proficiency before getting a job as well as enhancing safety on the road.
  • Tertiary Driving Course – suited for practising and experienced drivers that need to enhance practical driving skills.
  • The course driving refreshing
  • Plant and Equipment Operators Assessment like forklifts and tractors

The total cost of taking the full course is Kes.15,400 for 30 lessons.

6. Seniors Driving School

Seniors driving school is available in eight regions in Kenya. These regions include:

  • Central zone
  • Eastern Region
  • Chania Region
  • Western Region
  • Kajiado Region
  • Thika Superhighway Region

The school has a mission to better the quality of road usage in Kenya through practical instructions and teaching. Over the past few years, it has become one of the fastest-growing driving schools in Kenya. In 2011, the school won the Road Safety Award by the Association of Kenya Insurers.

The school offers various courses for its clients. For instance:

  • Defensive driving
  • Refresher courses
  • Automobile safety
  • First Aid course

Moreover, the school recognises the need to take care of the motor vehicle and therefore offers various courses on motor vehicle construction, design and equipment focusing on reducing the likelihood of accidents.

7. Sony Driving School

Sonny driving school is a fully accredited driving school operating in Kenya. The school does not yet have a website running, and it only has a Facebook page that is quite active. It might be quite affordable as compared to the others listed above.

8. Imperial Driving School Kenya

This driving school is among the best driving schools in the country. The school offers training in all the classes of vehicles. That is from heavy commercial vehicles to the small saloon cars. The school also has a Facebook page but does not have a website.

9. Top Gear Driving School

Top gear driving school offers training on both manual and automatic automobiles. A full course from this school will include:

  • Practical lessons
  • Theory lessons
  • Basic mechanical lessons
  • First Aid lessons
  • Video theory lessons
  • Assessment test
  • Handouts
  • Driving test passing guaranteed

10. Glen Edmunds Advanced Driving

Glen Edmunds Advanced Driving provides internationally accredited advanced driving courses such as defensive driving, 4WD, and security driver training (counter carjacking, hostile environment, armoured vehicle training), to those working in high-risk areas both in the Africa region and globally.

This is the best school in Kenya because it is internationally recognised.

Running a driving school business nowadays is the most profitable business mushrooming in our estates these days. The sad part is, however, that, most of these new driving schools are not certified, and most Kenyans are ending up being duped by them.

Their National Kenya Instructors are the only ones in Africa that have achieved International Advanced Driver Instructor Qualification –  both the USA and UK.

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