Egerton University Student Portal for Couse and Hostel bookings

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The Egerton University Student Portal allows students to book for hostels, courses and so much more as seen below. The internet has proved to be a very useful tool especially for higher education institutions in Kenya. Nearly all major campuses are now offering E-learning options to their students. An option that would not be available had it not been for the internet.

In realization of how busy some people can be, universities have tailored specific programmes for online students that can be done at the students comfort from any part of the county.

Egerton University Student Portal

This is the world we are living in. A student could graduate from a university without ever setting his or her foot to a conventional classroom.

Egerton University Student Portal

Egerton University is one of the universities in the country that have leveraged the internet to enhance processes and service delivery to thousands of students in the Campus.

While service such a large number of students, the online portal come in handy as they eliminate face to face service delivery which can be tedious and frustrating. As Such, Egerton University students enjoy fast services offered through three main portals supported by the campus.

Among the services that students can access from the portal include; booking of rooms, course registration, fee structure, and e-learning

The main student portal can be accessed through

Students wishing to do distance learning can access the e-learning portal through

Still there is a different portal for students’ online application and admission.

The main Egerton university student portal offers different services as listed below;

  • Course list checking
  • Fee statements
  • Online booking of rooms
  • Hostel verifications
  • Unit registration
  • Course results

However, it should be noted that to get all the above-named services one must be an Egerton university student. You have to have the registration number and a reference number since the portal requires those details during registration.

Egerton university portals give its students all the necessary information about the school including opening and closing dates as well as fee structures for each academic year.




  1. When do we start booking hostels? please reply because I am worried that the deadline may catch me unaware


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