List of Facebook Groups to Join in 2020

Here are some of the best Facebook groups to join in 2020. Facebook is not all about connecting with old folks and showing off your life achievements. In fact, Facebook has a hell lot of opportunities.

Facebook groups bring together people with common goals and agendas. A group is like a small community where individuals get to share and interact with one another on a particular issue.

On Facebook, you’re able to interact with individuals from all walks of life. Sometimes the interaction goes way beyond being strangers on facebook to actual business parties and friends.

Well, we’re not here to discuss that, let’s see which are the best facebook groups to join in 2019. You may also like: How to make money on Youtube in Kenya.

Tip: In order to be successful in groups and get want you want, always follow individuals who post regularly and are keen on making the group’s agenda their priority

Top 6 Best Facebook Groups to Join

The groups we are going to share below are best so far why? They are spam and ad-free. No silly posts and also members are either directly or indirectly involved with what the group is all about. In this post, we’ve divided the groups into 6 major categories which include;

  1. Farming groups.
  2. Online jobs groups.
  3. Education groups.
  4. Business/investment groups.
  5. Construction/Home improvement groups.
  6. Relationship/mentorship/support group.

Best Farming Groups on Facebook

  1. Onion, Tomato & Watermelon Farming Gurus

Facebook groups to join

Onion, Tomato & Watermelon Farming Gurus Facebook group is all about agribusiness in Onions, tomatoes, and watermelon. Besides marketing and selling your farm produce, the group provides tons of useful information about the type of soil, weather forecast and the best season to plant these crops.

If you’re interested in venturing into the production, planting, harvesting and selling any one of these crops, then I suggest you join this group which is free of ads and silly posts.


  1. Kienyeji Poultry Farming Kenya.

Kienyeji chicken

Poultry farming is as easy as 123, but, have you been doing it the right way? Kienyeji chicken rearing. In this group, you get to share seek advice about your experience in Kinyieji poultry farming.

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The group is like an open forum where farmers get to ask and answer questions from each other.


  1. South Rift Dairy Farmers.

South Rift dairy farming is more focused on dairy machinery rather than cattle and its product. If you’re looking for machinery to make your work easier on the farm, then this is the right group for you.


  1. Kenya dairy farmers forum (KDFF) Facebook groups to join

KDFF is yet another big group with 101,094 members focused on daily dairy farming issues.

As the name of the group suggests, KDFF is about sharing daily ideas and challenges experienced by dairy farmers in different parts of the country.

Once again, this group is ever active with more than 50 posts a day which are specifically about dairy farming.


  1. Kenya Dairy Goat Breeders (KDGB)

Join this group if you are looking to start breeding goats. KDGB is all about buying and selling different breeds of dairy goats and goat-related issues.

Though there are a little sell and ads here and there, this group is still awesome. The ads and sell you will see are all about fodders.


Online Jobs groups to join

  1. Awesome Transcribers in Kenya – Members · 76,130

This is a group that is specifically meant for online transcribers who help each other on matters relating to transcription in addition to other online related businesses.

This group is well structured and organized to the point where each and every admin/member has a role to play. Furthermore, there is no spamming, advertising or any other bullshit common to other groups.

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The group is made up of professional transcribers who act as trainers as well as mentors. If you’re aspiring to be a transcriptionist then, I would strongly recommend joining this group. Moreover, the group members are warm, friendly and welcoming.

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Lastly, If you’re a newbie to this group, simply ask a question and you’ll be pointed in the right direction.

Link: Awesome transcribers in Kenya

  1. Kenyans Working Online From Home and Creating Wealth.

If you’re a good writer and looking for an alternative source of income, then this group is for you. Kenyans Working Online From Home and Creating Wealth is a sister group to Awesome Transcribers in Kenya.

The group focuses on training individuals in writing and transcription. Members of this group train other members(Newbies) on Academic writing, Captioning Article writing, transcription, and Virtual Assistant.

Link: Kenyans working online from home and creating wealth

Builders & Co-Creators – Members  465,345

Facebook groups to join

This facebook group is purely about the construction industry specifically homes. Here project developers meet all the contractors involved in the design, architecture, and construction of commercial and residential buildings.

In this group, You’ll see potential homeowners posting looking for contractors, advice or the other way round contractors looking for clients and providing solutions to problems asked.


Relationship/Mentorship/Support Groups

Novena prayer group

If you are feeling overwhelmed by life or whatever is happening to you, then don’t just give up. Join this group to find spiritual uplifting and guidance.

This group is open to all individuals regardless of their religious affiliations and beliefs. You can tell from posts and comments, testimonies that prayer actually works.


Pregnant And Nursing Mums Support group -Members · 400,400

Facebook groups to join

In this group, pregnant, new and nursing mums get to seek and give advice and support on pregnancy, family, parenting, marriage & relationships nursing.

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They also get to share their experiences and challenges involved in raising the little ones who are a year old or less.


All in all, there are many more groups that you can join that I didn’t list here. Hope you enjoyed reading. Cheers!

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