Film Industry as a Possible Source of Economic Growth in Kenya

Kenya has experienced massive growth in information technology which has seen the rise of entertainment activities in the country. Information never delays, one updates a status on either facebook or twitter and in seconds, it becomes trending.

However, the film come movie industry in Kenya is not very much appealing to its people. Pirated movies available is killing the industry.

The Problem

A lot has to be done to package local films to its audience and beyond. This is despite the fact that the film industry in Kenya has grown. The U.S.A, United Kingdom, Philippines and Nigeria among other countries is still the greatest supplier of the film market in Kenya. We have seen extraordinary talents growing in Kenya and the release of such film like Shuga has been a success. We can therefore say the tapping of the talent is where the problem lies.

Many countries have realized that film production is an equal sector just like tourism that can contribute to the GDP and they are not wasting the chance. They are investing in the industry so that they can get hefty rewards. The government needs to explore the film industry as an important area for economic growth. For example China are making movie watching a fun filled activity that lure many people to take up these services. They also create the right environment to encourage movie screening.

Comparing different film industries

China has overtaken Japan coming second among the top movie market after the U.S.A with box- office earnings of about $ 2.7 billion. A few things explain Chinas growth in the movie industry which includes; Re-thinking their policies on foreign films and relaxing some of their restrictions to allow more films in the country. Many Kenyans have abandoned theaters and moved to watching movies at homes. This is because the actors have not given them a reason to run in theaters to catch the latest movie in town. The industry has tough restrictions for foreign film makers who want to shoot movies in the country (Kenya). This now limits the industry’s growth.

There are no many employment opportunities for actors, directors, and designers among other job titles in the making of the movies. Thus people look at the movie sector as more of an entertainment activity and not as an income generating activity. Come to think of it, we would see all the big screens and theaters being put up, promotion and launch of movies that will make people want to buy and watch. The government should see the potential of the film industry of Kenya as a source of economic development.  Majority are ready to watch movies from all over the world led by Hollywood and Nollywood actors for their entertainment since not many care about production and film in Kenya,

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