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With the evolution of technology, you can virtually do everything by the press of a button. The one device that we most probably do not move without is the mobile phone and smartphones are changing the way we capture moments.

The smartphone enables you to connect with the world more conveniently. It has changed how people communicate, relate with the world around them, entertain themselves and each other across the access of information from across the globe.

Phone manufacturers have been at the forefront of producing smartphones that provide for customer needs from easy access to the internet, the safety of your information and sleek looking phone.  The critical thing original device manufacturers need to consider is what the customer will appreciate and make their lives easier.

One company that is looking at providing phones that are relevant to their customers’ needs is HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones. HMD has brought the sleek world smartphones, partnered with ZEISS to provide a great camera and excellent battery power thanks to the phones incorporating Artificial Intelligence.

HMD Global seeks to offer a flagship experience through the full range of smartphones without thinking having to worry about the price point. Like the Nokia 7.2 that gives you gives you triple cameras and a 48megapixel experience for clear pictures, a dedicated Google Assistant button and two-day battery life. The Nokia 7.2 comes in Cyan Green and Charcoal colours with ZEISS optics allowing you to capture beautiful moments while enjoying a super-sharp viewing experience with Pure Display, available only on Nokia smartphones.

The Nokia 2.3 is a smartphone that provides you with an entertainment device that you can watch your favourite series and movies on a 6.2” HD+ screen. You can also view more hours of your favourite shows and listen to your favourite music mixes with the AI-assisted 2-day battery life.  These two phones are ready for Android 10 once the update comes to each phone, highlighting how Nokia smartphones keep getting better with time. The phone also comes with a dedicated Google Assistant button that is a great plus to the smartphone.

As mentioned, HMD Global has ensured that they provide smartphones that give you a flagship experience no matter your price point, and the Nokia C1 is proof of this. The Nokia C1 is a great entry-level smartphone enabling you to enjoy a large screen and all-day battery life. The phone has a front-facing flash and a 5 MP camera. It comes with the Android 9 Pie (Go edition), meaning you get more space to watch your favourite videos and use Google maps all while offline.

You should go out and consider getting yourself a Nokia smartphone. You can get either the Nokia C1,  Nokia 2.3, Nokia 4.2, Nokia 3.2, Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2 to mention a few of the Nokia smartphones in Kenya that provide excellent battery life, a dedicated Google Assistant button and three years of security updates ensuring that your phone is safe and secure.

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