Google Adsense Live Stream for Africa


Event – Google Adsense Live Stream for Africa

Google is organizing a Live Stream for bloggers in Africa dubbed Getting Started with AdSense for publishers in Africa. The even comes in a time when the African continent is ripe with bloggers. According to Google, “This 60-minute Hangout on Air is for any website owners or bloggers in Africa thinking about how to earn money from their content.”

We have published several articles regarding Making Money with Adsense in Kenya and we have continued to encourage our clients in Web Development to try and use Adsense as part of their monetization strategies online. We hope this event will shade more light on Internet Marketing for bloggers all over Africa.

To register for the event, it is important that you be an Adsense publisher because you will be required to input your publisher ID during registration. Use the following link to register and be able to submit questions either before or during the session and Adsense experts will answer them live or through a follow-up post.

You will also be able to receive training materials or the link to the recording if you fail to be online during the hangout.

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