How to Import a Car in Kenya


You have been saving, and now ready to import your dream car. That is great! But how are you going to achieve this? Well in this post, we’re going to show you How to Import a Car in Kenya the smart way.

The process is simple. Well, as an importer what you have to do is to enlist the services of a clearing and forwarding agent, to process the importation documents for you. The agent will deal with the Kenya Revenue Authority customs electronically and clear the vehicle.

Take note! You cannot import a vehicle that is above 8 years old in Kenya, that’s according to the quality standards of the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KBS).

How to Import a Car in Kenya

What are you Expected to Pay?

The duty breakdown is as follows, an import duty that is 25% of the cost, insurance, and freight (CIF), an excise duty that is 20% of the cost, insurance, and freight value, inclusive of the import duty of 16% VAT.

You will also pay an import declaration fee (IDF) that is 2% of the CIF payable, and the railway developmental levy (RDL) that is 1.5% of the customs value. The cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) can be determined from the current retail selling price of the vehicle (CRSP), available on the KRA website.

The Process

Visit the KRA website, go to customs and border control, downloads and then click on customs downloads.

On the customs download page, download the latest template of the following files;

  • New valuation template.
  • New CRSP effective.

Open the downloaded files starting with the current retail selling price (CRSP) document. The CRSP file contains the list of car models with their current retail selling price values. Identify your vehicle, example Audi A8 Sedan having an engine capacity of 3000cc, saloon body type, 2 wheel drive and a diesel engine, going for Ksh 11,214,00, note the CRSP values indicated in the last column.

Keep in mind that the date of registration of the car should be within the prescribed 8-year limit by using the updated CRSP template, for example, September 2017.

Now, open the valuation template to compute the rate of depreciation, match the age of your vehicle and the depreciation percentage using your first date of registration, in our case September 2017, the vehicle falls under the over 6 months category as highlighted below, and the depreciation rate is 10%.

Finally move down to the tabulation section for, and input the current retail selling price CRSP values, as highlighted in the image below followed by the depreciation rate (10%).

How to Import a Car in Kenya

The system automatically calculates the total tax payable as per your entries and gives you a grand total of what you are supposed to pay, in our case Ksh 3,596,214. That is it on How to Import a Car in Kenya, share this article if you find it useful 🙂

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