How to Make Money From Home

Have you tried to make money from home?. There are so many ways on how to make money from home. In Kenya, because of the rising living standards, most people are looking for other avenues on how to make money from home besides their regular eight to six jobs.

Others start a home business to create or replace a full-time income, some people want to generate a little extra money to pay ​a debt, save for a rainy day, or use as mad money for small expenses, emergencies, or impulse purchases.

There are so many legitimate ways to make money in Kenya, whether it’s skills, knowledge, or unused items around the home, to make money from home without leaving your house.

How to make money from home in Kenya

How do you make money from home? Below are several ways through which you can make a living from the comfort of your house.

1. Freelance writing

You can work from home as a  freelance writer. This only requires knowledge of writing, and you are good to go. You can choose from a variety of markets to write for. For instance, magazines, either online or in print. The demand for new articles on the Internet is vast, and there’s plenty of work to go around.

There’s also academic writing which entails doing assignments or projects for other students and earn money in return. This is widely used in Kenya by college students trying to make a living from the business.

Daily, People need sales letters, white papers, website copy, and e-books. In other words, there’s an ocean of work to do, and if you’re an ambitious writer, you can dive in and profit.

2. Take part in surveys

With this, you answer online surveys or product tests and make money from home. You can make extra money of up to Ksh 250 to 500 depending on the survey client. Most surveys revolve around reviewing products, watching a TV series and making a conclusion on youtube videoes.

Some of the paid survey websites in Kenya include Geopoll, survey Monkey and Mobrog.

3.Airbnb Host

With Airbnb, you can make an extra cost by hosting guests in your house if you have a spare room you don’t use. This can help you pay up to 81% of your rent.  If you’re looking to ring in cash, renting out a private home or apartment is the way to go.

Especially for guests moving to Kenya for a short period might find it easy to rent a room than a furnished apartment that would cost them probably 50 per cent higher than a place.

4. Become a Pet Sitter/ trainer

Most people, especially in the urban towns of Kenya, love pets. Still, because of their daily routines, they are not able to sit or train their pets to do normal things like barking when they sense danger, sleeping at a designated area or as well as playing field.

You can earn a living by offering to train or pet sit when the owners are away for money. You can make up to Ksh 1000 a day.

Alternatively, you can choose to be a dog walker, host a doggy daycare, or board dogs and cats overnight in your home. As a pet sitter, you have the flexibility that comes with running your own business. You set your schedule and choose how much you want to charge. Plus, you can even decide what size and age of animals you’d like to take care of.

5. Babysitting

You can make money from home through babysitting. Babysitting in Kenya has been on the rise lately. Most women were working mums, unlike ages ago when women were just housewives. Because of limited space or privacy reasons most women prefer to take their children in baby care group or playschool.

This is easy, although a bit tiresome when it comes to sitting many children. Like pt sitting, you can decide on which age of kids you ant to babysit. Usually, the charges range from Ksh200 in low-income areas per day and up to a Ksh1000 or even more in high-end areas.


Transcription needs little to no experience at all. With a computer, average to excellent typing skills and a proper language command, you can make money from home transcribing.

It involves listening to transcribed tapes, most of which are verbal and writing them out in a language that is preferred. You must have a keen listening skill and a great understanding of different language dialects as this will be crucial in your translation of the correct information when typing.

Any person looking for an easy way to earn some money and has the mentioned skills can consider starting.

7. Start a blog or online business

You can make money from home. With online business, you can sell anything and everything from foodstuff to clothing. Alternatively, create a page on your social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to meet your customers and do offline deliveries make a designated area for pick up.

Alternatively, you can create a blog and with time monetise it. This might time as you need to viewership to help you make adverts for companies or even Google Adsense and get paid once people click on them.  You can consider writing your blog on such topics like travel, cooking, financing and health depending on your preference of target audience.

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8. Creating arts and crafts for sale

If you have a knack for creating beautiful things, then you can make some high income from home. The growing trend for vintage and homemade products shows no signs of stopping. Plus, the Internet is chock full of well-known outlets for such wares.

The arts comprise of wall hangings and decor, fancy decorations or even necklaces. Alternatively, you can create a studio in your house and do photography for your clients.

9. Make money with your car

There are several ways to make money from your vehicles, such as taxiing people, renting out your car, or advertising businesses.

Run the numbers before using your car to make money, especially if you’re driving more than usual because it might cost more than you earn to use your car as a money-maker.

10. Selling E-books

You can make money by selling ebooks, learning materials for students or even children books. With this you only capital of about 200 to three hundred depending on the books you want to sell.

Especially new mums can give you the best deal. They want the best for their kids, so selling them a diet, and recipe book for kids or lullabies will provide you with good returns.

How to make money from home in Kenya conclusion

Making money from home can be one good idea, especially if you are the type that hates traffic or delivering by someone else’s timelines.

You probably have come across at least a thousand different ways to do that. Online jobs are mostly effortless. They require a minimum effort or level of skill.

You don’t need any education or experience to make money online in most of the cases. All that you need to invest in it is your time.

Another thing with working from home is that at some point, you will lack social contact and a feeling of loneliness and isolation.

Furthermore, spending so much time in front of computers undoubtedly harms your eyes, sleep and overall health.

To all of the tremendous online earning opportunities, there are twice as much fake or scam ones. You need to be careful to screen them out, so you don’t end up losing more money than you earned.

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