How to Sell Your Car Fast in 6 Effective Ways

Sooner or later, and for any of many reasons, you will probably need to sell your car fast. You might sacrifice some money in exchange for a fast sale, but such is the price of quick results. Whatever the circumstances this tips will help you sell your car fast.

6 Effective Ways on How to Sell Your Car

Get your car looking awesome

When you’re trying to sell fast, extensive detailing might not be in the cards. Give it a good wash and wax at least, and give the interior a good once-over. If you don’t have time or funds to correct all maintenance or mechanical bugs, at least list the items.

Put it out there.

Take some good photos outside and in, and post them with your ad. Free classifieds are the go-to websites for fast sales, i.e or

Have a For Sale sign in the window whenever the car is parked, even at work or while shopping. A Facebook post, Tweet or YouTube video might net a buyer who wouldn’t have seen your car for sale elsewhere. Asking friends to spread the word can also work well.

Gather all car Records

If you can show buyers all your maintenance and service records, that will go a long way towards giving them peace of mind. If you don’t have all of the records, at least write them down, Fix says, and pay for a CarFax report to prove your car was never in an accident.

Try a dealer.

Local dealers are often on the lookout for fresh inventory, and now online and national dealers are doing it, too. You might be offered a price in the neighborhood of trade-in value, but that’s the reality of sacrificing dollars for the convenience of a fast sale. Dealers will help in a situation where you have tried to sell your car in vain, they will get their commission when they sell your car, it’s an agreement between you and the dealer.

Roll with it.

Be flexible and creative, since motivation doesn’t have to mean desperation. Consider partial trades if your situation allows it.

Be cautious when looking for buyers

If you do handle the car showing and final transaction yourself, make sure you stay safe.

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