How to Join ViuSasa

This article is a detailed cheat sheet on how to use the Viusasa app from Citzen.

If you watch or listen to any of the Royal Media services group Radio or TV stations, you must have heard about Viusasa. Much better even, you may have heard about Jipange na Viusasa. Like me, you might also have been tempted to participate in this promotion. So today, we will look at how to download the Viusasa app and ultimately how to participate in this promotion.

Viusasa is an on-demand service that will enable you as a user to access Music, TV channels as well as Videos. Putting it merely, Viusasa allows one to enjoy their ‘guilty pleasures’ according to what their schedules dictate. It allows me to watch the ‘Maria’ show anytime, anywhere.

A lady enjoying a show from viusasa – Credits: Business today

How to download Viusasa

The first step to starting to enjoy your favorite content from Viusasa is to download viusasa and open a free account. Please follow these steps on how to download Viusasa and to create an account;

  • Go to your browser on your phone- could be an android/iPhone
  • Search for Viusasa sign up page
  • Please input your phone number, Password and then click on the register
  • You will receive a One time Password to validate your account
  • Input this password

How to download, install, join, subscribe and use

How to Get the Viusasa App

For Android users, please go to the google play store to download the Viusasa app to subscribe. While for iPhone users, please get this app Apple app store.

Account Packages for Viusasa

There are three main account packages for Viusasa to subscribe to. Let’s look at them in details below:

  1. Music

This is the package for all those who want to join Viusasa to access music only. The packages are as below:

  • Ksh. 5/Daily music unlimited
  • Ksh. 30/Weekly videos unlimited
  • Ksh.100/Monthly videos likewise unlimited
Someone listening to music from Viusasa App

2. Video

Viusasa videos include TV programs, Movie episodes as well as content from comedians and other influencers.

  • Kshs. 10/Daily videos that are unlimited
  • Ksh.60/Weekly videos unlimited
  • Ksh. 200/Monthly videos also unlimited

3.Video and Music

Video and Music is the ultimate combination for anyone who would like to access both music and video content. The package is charged a little higher than the first two since its a combo of both. Here are the charges:

  • Ksh. 15/Daily videos and music unlimited
  • Ksh. 90/Weekly videos and music unlimited
  • Ksh. 300/Monthly videos and music unlimited

For those that are overseas and would like to access videos from Viusasa, there are two primary modes of payment. The first mode is through PayPal, and one can pay 5USD for monthly videos and music. While the second mode is through a MasterCard/Visa which will cost only Ksh 300/Month for videos and Music. Mpesa/Airtel money is also the other modes that one could use to pay for the package of their choice.

Enjoy Live streaming of all your favorite shows on Viusasa

So how do I pay for Viusasa via Mpesa / How do I subscribe?

Mpesa is and has been a lifesaver for most of us when it comes to paying bills. There are those moments where you want to make a payment, and you only have the money in your Mpesa. Here is how to go about paying for your Viusasa subscription through Mpesa.

  • On your mobile phone, go to Mpesa menu
  • Select Lipa Na Mpesa
  • Then Paybill
  • Viusasa pay bill number is – 724177, please input it.
  • Input your Mobile number; it acts as the account number – makes sure it’s the same number you used while making the registration.
  • On the amount, enter the cost of the package you selected
  • Input your Mpesa pin
  • Press send

Why Should I get Viusasa?

If you are not yet convinced about why you should get Viusasa, here are some few points to satisfy you.

  1. The content provided on Viusasa is so diverse, you cannot miss something that will catch your attention.
  2. The pricing is also just right.
  3. It is very seamless to make payments for your package.
  4. Awesome customer service
  5. Since Viusasa uses data, it is also straightforward on the data.


Please go ahead and get your Viusasa subscription, if you have been convinced.

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