Internet Marketing: 3 Ways to Find New Customers

So you are thinking of Internet marketing? Here is a way to increase the number of your customers in your business? Then, you’ve come to the right place.

Internet Marketing is another name for digital marketing and for many new business enterprises, the process of finding new customers seem daunting and unpredictable.

If you have dreams of growing profits in your business, then you need to develop a strategic plan on how to grow your customer base.

It is quite hard to maximize the value of your business at the same time serving the same number of clients over the years.

In this regard, you must think of the best of getting new customers and also, the cost of getting them to your store.

The process of finding new customers involves finding people and influencing them so they can engage with your business. After that, they may come to your store to buy the product or service.

These are simple steps you can use to reach new people and make them permanent customers of your business.

Internet Marketing: Top 3 Ways on How to find new customers for your Business

1. Use Ad Networks

One of the fastest and easiest ways of internet marketing is through online advertising. Online networks like Facebook and Google allow businesses to reach new people who are not their customers by using ads whose cost is in line with the merchant’s budget.

It’s also easy to find new customer information such as: Where they are and how long they have been online.

You can also pay a small fee to commercial advertising networks like so that your ad gets the much-needed attention and be seen by more potential clients.

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Advantages of Online Advertising

  • Increase in traffic

This is due to the fact that you are able to reach a large audience online. Some of the new clients that you’ll reach didn’t even know your business in the first place.

  • You Can Target Specific Group.

One of the benefits of paid advertising is its ability to give you the opportunity to choose who sees your ad or who doesn’t.

For example, when using Facebook ads, you can choose which gender, age, location, or even the preferences they can see or not see in your ads.

Disadvantages of online advertising

You need to learn. Creating paid advertisements does not require a degree, but it does require reading and learning the essential things to consider in order to get the best possible results.

However, the best thing is that companies that offer such adverts like Google and Facebook offer free courses.

2. Use Online Influencers

If you are working on a limited budget, one of the fastest ways to reach a new customer base is through influential people online.

Online influencers tend to have a large following on their social networks platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, bloggers, YouTubers, and lastly Comedians.

Business promotion or content marketing has become a very popular method, especially for business startups.

For you to run a successful online campaign, it is important to find the right person to advertise/promote your products.

Here, the right person is the one who has followers that match the types of products you sell.

He/She should be able to promote your products in a creative and appealing way. In addition to not arousing suspicion from their followers that its a promo.

Advantages of online influencers

  1. Product Name Promotion

Given these people having thousands or even millions of followers online, it is clear that working with them can bring you more customers and promote your brand’s name or service.

Let’s say, for example, you have decided to advertise your home-made bead bracelets.

Over time various influential groups and followers in Kenya will spread your ad on their social networks while wearing your beads and be proud of it.

This way it is much easier to motivate more people and grow the market. The only downside to using online influencers is that it is difficult to know how many customers he/she has brought.

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Internet Marketing: Use Telegram and WhatsApp Groups

I was about to talk about email marketing but this form of marketing is quite unpopular here in Kenya. The reason being, Kenyans don’t get to check and read their emails.

However, a customer may sometimes see a product you are selling via social media, websites, or even your store, but may not want to buy it at that moment.

In this regard, you may want to have customers contact or a form of subscription to act as a constant reminder about your product.

This form of subscription, allows you to reach out easily and persuade them to buy your product. Perhaps even through huge discounts.

By creating Whatsapp or Telegram groups, you are building on your customer base. You can easily reach and advertise your products anytime you want.


One of the benefits of social media groups is that you grow in confidence to reach your customer over a longer period of time. So if you use it properly it’s easy to boost the value of your products.

You have customer information at hand in addition to selling products to customers, these groups can also be used as a way to find new customers that match your products.

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