Is EA Sports FC 24 Merely FIFA 23 With a New “Sugarcoating”?

EA Sports FC 24 marks both the end of a successful partnership between Electronic Arts (EA) and the FIFA brand and the beginning of a new chapter in EA’s franchise. Because of this, it is safe to say that EA has gone to great lengths to try and make the title as different from its predecessor as possible while retaining the core of the experience.

However, were they successful in their endeavor? Or is EA Sports FC 24 just “sugarcoated” FIFA 23?

EA Sports FC 24 Introduced New Animations

It would not be an exaggeration to say that EA Sports FC 24 brings a significant improvement in immersion and overall atmosphere compared to FIFA 23. This is achieved through the introduction of new animations (which now provide a much more personal look), as well as several subtle but equally noticeable improvements in graphic trustworthiness.

Specifically, improvements are seen in the quality of textures, the way light and shadows are rendered and behave, as well as the implementation of new physics and hair effects. Many player models that previously did not look like their real-life counterparts have also been improved.

The increase in immersion is also the result of the game further refining the franchise’s signature gameplay mechanics by introducing much more realistic player movements (thanks to the game’s new HyperMotionV technology), as well as improvements in AI behavior and the addition of several new moves. The debut of the new “PlayStyles” mechanic – which highlights each player’s main strengths by providing them with a series of badges, each aimed at improving specific aspects of their game – also enriched the experience by making each player more unique, while better conveying their different styles into the game.

EA FC 24 Set New Standards of Accessibility

In terms of accessibility, EA FC 24 allows players to adjust the color of the game for people with color vision impairment, as well as the option to adjust brightness, contrast, and add subtitles. Players can also change the functionality of the right stick and buttons/triggers to the left side of their controller, as well as change the size of the player indicator.

Although the Ultimate Team mode in EA Sports FC 24 feels almost identical to the FIFA 23 version (except for a few new mechanics), the game gives players the ability to, for the first time since this mode debuted in FIFA 09 (when it was still called FIFA Ultimate Team or FUT), create teams with both male and female players.

The long-awaited addition of players can be considered one of the game’s biggest successes, as it adds a new dimension to team building, while finally giving all football fans the ability to truly build their Ultimate Team. If you have not sold this regime, just imagine a midfield with Alexia Putellas, Luka Modrić, and Kevin De Bruyne.

Unfortunately, like many other modes resembling it, Ultimate Team in EA FC 24 has a focus on in-game purchases because, while there is no direct push towards monetization, its presence is ingrained in the mode itself. On the bright side, while you cannot control how much your opponents will spend on the game, it is entirely possible to build competitive teams and fully enjoy the mode without spending anything.

Both Career Modes in EA FC 24 Have Received Updates

For those who prefer to play single-game modes, we are pleased to say that both career modes in EA FC 24 have received updates compared to those featured in FIFA 23.

While the changes to the Player Career mode were far less significant (although the mode did gain a lot from the ability to unlock and customize PlayStyles), EA introduced quite a few features to the Manager Career mode, such as the ability to use your own trainer personnel to exploit the full potential of each player. You will also be able to choose and develop new tactics, as well as watch your team’s matches from the sidelines.

“Pro Clubs” Have Been Changed

Clubs have also received a few changes compared to “Pro Clubs”, as the mode now has a season as its basis. Within it, you will be able to progress through set divisions to win prizes and unlock items. Just like in FIFA 23, your player will have an OVR 80 from the start.

Add to that the fact that player progression in the mode is completely independent of micro-transactions, and it serves as a testament to how to create a fair experience for all players, as only your play will determine how far you can go. In “Player Career”, “VOLTA FOOTBALL” and “Pro Clubs” mode, you will be able to increase your player’s OVR by earning EXP points that you get based on the levels reached and then spend them in certain attributes and trait nodules.

For those looking for a refresher, as well as a more arcade experience based on street football and Futsal, with an emphasis on style, VOLTA FOOTBALL is absolute fun.

The mode, which is linked again to “Clubs”, feels like a completely different game, moving away from its focus on simulation to introduce players to new mechanics and minigames that, while equally competitive, are objectively fun. Make no mistake, “VOLTA” and “Clubs” have finally received Cross-Play support in EA FC 24.

EA Sports FC 24 Is Embroiled in a Loot Box Scandal

Since its release on October 2, the Elite Season Opener Pack for FC 24 has generated a lot of controversy. Not only is it one of the costliest store packs in Ultimate Team history, but it was also accessible before the game’s September 29 official release date. FIFA aficionados cannot recall EA Sports ever releasing a bundle this pricey and so early.

FIFA users are accustomed to EA Sports releasing costly and potent card packs later in the annualized football game’s year-long life. However, with FC 24, the community has expressed outrage that a $30 pack was now available to purchase before the game was even officially released.

The Elite Season Opener Pack, which is now on sale in the marketplace, costs either 3,000 FC Points (the premium currency) or 285,000 Ultimate Team coins (the in-game money). The cost of 3,000 FC Points is around $30. FC 24 does not allow you to purchase 3,000 FC Points in exactly one bundle, in keeping with how video games are monetized. Because of how strong this Elite Season Opener Pack is, some players are already accusing FC 24 of being a pay-to-win game.

It is important to note that the cards in this pack cannot be traded, which prevents owners from reselling them on the FC 24 transfer market and making bids, which some call bets, for the best buyer. This means that betting will no longer be an option at all for any FIFA-related game. The 2023 FIFAe World Cup was the final one to include EA’s football video game series following the decision of EA and FIFA to not extend their license deal after FIFA 23. So, no legally forbidden loot box betting and no betting on FIFA eSports tournaments. You can now only bet on real football matches at the best-rated betting sites in 2023, such as Kenyan bookmakers, if such a pastime is in your blood.

All in all, FC 24 packs should theoretically provide the purchaser with a strong team when they start playing FC 24. Is it ethically correct? Make your own judgment…

Final Verdict

EA Sports FC 24 can be seen as the perfect start to the next chapter in EA’s franchise, as the game builds on the foundations left by FIFA 23 while also adding several groundbreaking and truly welcome features.

Being on the pitch has never been better with this title!

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