Jumia Kenya Contacts: How to Contact Jumia Kenya

Here are the jumia Kenya contacts. In this blog, we’ll show how to contact jumia Kenya in a fast and effective way just in case you’ve made purchases online and need some clarification.

You can contact jumia Kenya on different platforms, but which is the fastest way to reach them. Usually, when contacting jumia Kenya, it takes up to two days to get feedback.

However, there is a fast and easier way to reach them and get your issue resolved. Let’s find out below, which method is the best.

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Jumia Kenya Contacts: How to Contact Jumia Kenya

Jumia is a collection of online shops. So, how do they operate? Though there are numerous shops online, jumia Kenya came up with a unified system through which you can use to channel your compliments and complaints because of one of the following reasons.

  • To track your order and know its status if it has been dispatched or not.
  • You may contact Jumia Kenya if you need to cancel your order.
  • You want to return an order.
  • There is an issue with the payment system.

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You can contact jumia Kenya through the following platforms.

  1. Through their contacts us webpage – This method requires you to answer a few questions and fill a form online.
  2. Via their official Twitter handle @JumiaKenya.
  3. Their Facebook page.
  4. Customer Care agents via the phone number: 0711 011 011
  5. Via Email- This is for official purposes and also for feature reference.

Here are some of Jumia Kenya email addresses:

  • customercare@jumia.co.ke – Use this email if you’re a customer.
  • supplier@jumia.co.ke – This is used by jumia suppliers.
  • For corporate organizations, use: corporatesales@jumia.co.ke.
  • However, if you’re an affiliate or a partner, then use partnership@jumia.co.ke to contact jumia.

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So, which is the best option among the 5? Well, it depends on your personality. If you’re the impatient type, I would strongly recommend you to directly call their customer care center. But, I would also advise you to simply use the twitter handle.

The reason for this choice is that your message will be well understood because it’s short and precise to the point. i.e What’s your problem? As compared to making a phone call.

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Jumia Kenya Offline Stores Locations

Some of the major jumia Kenya store locations include;

  • Nairobi:- CBD Emperor Plaza, Kenyatta Avn. Opp. GPO
  • Mombasa:- Kenyatta Avenue, Opp. Badar Pharmacy
  • Kisumu:- Sibuor shop, Oginga Odinga street
  • Nakuru:- Lydia Arcade, Kenyatta Avenue
  • Eldoret:- Dalsa center, Oloo street
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