List of Current Cabinet Secretaries in Kenya (2017-2022)


President Uhuru Kenyatta who won the 2017 General Elections in Kenya appointed has his cabinet secretaries. The CS’s will help him run the National Government for a period of 5 years from 2018 to 2022 when he will be completing his term in office.

Who is a Cabinet Secretary?

A Cabinet Secretary (CS) is a member of the Kenyan Cabinet and head of the Kenyan Ministries. The Cabinet Secretary position was introduced in the country after the promulgation of the 2010 constitution.

However, the Cabinet Secretary is not a Member of the Kenyan Parliament. The CS has to be vetted by a parliamentary committee before their appointment.

Full List of Cabinet Secretaries in Kenya

The following are the Cabinet Secretaries that will server under President Uhuru Kenyatta:

Cabinet SecretaryGovernment Ministry
1Amina MohamedMinistry of Education
2Fred Matiang’iMinistry of Interior
3Eugine WamalwaMinistry of Devolution
4Rachel OmamoMinistry of Defense
5Monicah JumaMinistry of Foreign Affairs
6Margaret KobiaMinistry of Youth and Gender
7John MunyesMinistry of Petroleum and Mining
8Keriako TobikoMinistry of Environment and Forestry
9Joe MucheruMinistry of Information and Communication
10Cecil KariukiMinistry of Health
12Peter MunyaMinistry of Northern Community Development
13James MachariaMinistry of Transport and Infrastructure
14Najib BalalaMinistry of Tourism
15Simon ChelguiMinistry of Water and Sanitization
16Farida KaroneyMinistry of Lands
17Aden MuhamedMinistry of Industrialization
18Mwangi KiunjuriMinistry of Agriculture
19Rashid MohammedMinistry of Sports
20Ukur YattaniMinistry of Labor
21Henry RotichTreasury

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