KNEC Portal: Everything You Need to Know

The KNEC portal is mainly used for viewing Registering Candidates and viewing of Exams results online.

It is maintained by the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) which was established in 1980 and is now under Act No. 29 of the 2012 constitution of Kenya.

The KNEC portal is available online through its website.

KNEC Portal Services in Kenya

A total of 1.6 million candidates are registered for this year’s KCPE and KCSE examinations set for November. To get either KCPE or KCSE results, Candidates usually send their index numbers to 22252 via SMS. This is the fastest way of getting your results.

The portal is used to check KCPE/KCSE results and to download an online KCPE/KCSE result slips. Other services offered include:

  • Registration for KCPE and KCSE candidates
  • Confirmation of KCPE and KCSE registration
  • KCPE and KCSE Results viewing
  • Confirmation of KCPE and KCSE Results
  • Other administrative functions by institutional heads

How to Check and confirm KCPE/KSCE Result Slip

Once you have checked your KCPE/KCSE results for 2017 using the methods above, it’s important to counter check your result slip for the correct candidate’s name, school name, and code. Also, one needs to check if the subject grades are correct.

You need to also check if the subject grades are correct. In case of an anomaly, one should report to KNEC within a month after the announcement of KCPE/KSCE results.

How do I get Result slip for KCPE/KCSE Results Online

To check your KCPE/KCSE results online using the KNEC Portal. You need access to the internet through a computer, laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone. Follow the below-mentioned process to get your KCPE/KNEC results.

Access the KNEC portal: on your web browser and select the tab written “2017 On-Line Result slip”  Enter your school code and Index Number as a password to log in, you can now download and print your result slip.

KNEC Portal KCPE/KCSE results

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  1. Comment:please am a primary trained teacher eagerly to register for tsc number but lacking kcpe certificate. how can I be helped?

  2. Jonathan Mwachanya
    I need a new verification of a kcpe certificate of 2004 …I went yo cyber and downloaded verification and paid via kcb bank…now I need it to be sent to the county ….or how is it supposed to be done ..I paid for it since October last year….please I am doing some followup


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