Make Money Online by Using your Skills

If you are looking to make money online, then you have come to the right place. Like we always do were are here show you how to fish.

As stated on our header, I am going to show you 5 ways to use the skills you already have to hustle online.

By saying skills, I mean any skills that you possess be it acting, singing, dancing or even sleeping ?. Let us do this.

How to Use Skills You Already Have to Make Money Online.

For example, do you possess any one of the following skills

  • Are you skilled in closing deals?
  • Copywriting
  • A translator
  • Tech junkie
  • A local tour guide
  • A good cook
  • An artist

The list is endless. However, the most interesting part is that I can teach you how to make money out of the skill you already have.

That is, you’ll use the skill you already have without learning any new skills.

As a matter of fact, going to show you that everything is possible. It is also important to note. There are people out there who are ready to pay for your work.

That is if they see value in what you are doing no matter what other people may say about you.

People have different needs and requirements in their day to day life activities. And perhaps you have the solution to their needs with your skills. And If you don’t try you never know.

How to Use the Skills You Already Have to Earn a Living Online

Okay, that is Enough talk, let us get into class… Our lesson begins

1: Search for a mentor to teach you how to use the online opportunity to make money.

Having a skill is one thing, however, using it to make money is totally another thing. The skill you have is not enough, you must also learn how a business is run online.

For this reason, you need to learn from a professional who is already in the same business your skills are required. Does this make sense to you?

Of cause, you can teach yourself just like Julius Yego did. However, you are going to waste a lot of time on simple mistakes that could otherwise be avoided if you had a mentor in the first place to guide you. I myself have been there and I know.

2: Join Facebook Groups and forums.

How is this important to me?

Most individuals are ignorant of the power of social media. Potential buyers are plenty in these groups.

All you need to do is showcase the skills you have in these groups and chances are, people will buy from you.

But first things first, you need to be strategic. You need to build authority for people to trust you.

Building authority is simple. Just be consistent with whatever you showcase and people will trust you.

Do you think you can do that? Come on… of course, you can. Don’t be shy. Moreover, you need to add a little bit of creativity in order for you to stand out.

3: Build an Email List.

Alright, most of you are not familiar with this concept. But, if you really need to grow your clients online, then this is one of the best methods you can use in marketing.

Email marketing is the most powerful tool to use to turn potential customers into buyers. You’ll need to learn everything that you need to know here.

4: Open a Facebook or Instagram Page.

For you to reach out to more potential clients, you need to own a social media page. Be it on Facebook like Jane Mukami or Instagram like Tricia’s Naturals.

To do this, look for a good name that best describes your skills and then start posting.

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Once you reach a minimum of 10 posts on your page. Visit any page that you think relates to or match your skill and ask the followers to follow or like your page.

This is called building an audience. And as the audience grows, post more relevant content.

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You can also choose to promote one of your content via sponsored posts. This, in turn, will make another post viewable and get you more likes and shares.

Now that you have interested parties, like/follow everyone who liked your post before and reply to their comments personally. This is called engaging your audience and building trust.

Now comes the work of selling your skills and making money online…

Start sending out messaging showcasing your skills or products and ask if they are interested to know more about what you do.

You may need to hire a social media manager to assist you with this while you focus on other things.

Trust me, this is a very powerful process and you will not miss a potential client on all the messages that you send

5. Work on your business every day.

All in all, you need to take care of your new-found business each and every day. If you have the will, humility, and perseverance of working on your skills you will see results soon.

As can be seen from above, don’t be that person who works for one day and then takes a break for the rest of the week.

This will hinder your progress and may take longer for you to see the fruits of your labor.

Now all I need from you is to share this post with your friends on social media from the share buttons below.

I hope you learned something about how to use the skills you already have to make money online. Cheers!

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