OnePlus 5 T Review: Top Five Features

This is the new OnePlus 5 T. it is literally the 2017 version of the OnePlus 5. The OnePlus 5 just came out in June of this year so it’s only a couple of months old and OnePlus is a company that tends to cater for what their fans want. The phone had a lot going for, but it just did not fit in very well with all the other phones coming out, but with this one, is a game changer. Maybe you looked over the OnePlus 5 a couple months ago, this is their new one and maybe you will consider this one.

The Top Five New Features of the Brand New OnePlus 5T.

The Display

This is definitely the biggest change the company had done on this device, it is what makes this phone feel like a new phone. It has a 6 inch 1080p AMOLED display up front, and it gets away closer to every edge. The side bezels are slimmer, and the top and bottom bezels are cut down.

OnePlus 5T is still not a quad HD display and not quite at the level of the highest end flagships in terms of resolution, OnePlus likes to stick with the lower resolution claiming to take care of battery life and performance but the bottom line is, that, the display is way better. It definitely gets really bright, it is viewable outdoors and it has different color modes in the settings including an adjustment slider for color temperature.

The Design

We have definitely seen this industrial metal-look before. There are some chamfers and some light curves but overall is the shape we are familiar with. It resembles its little brother a lot but there are a couple of changes obviously with this nearly edge-to-edge display. On the front there is no longer room for the fingerprint sensor, this is the first OnePlus phone to move the sensor to the back.

The OnePlus 5T has exceptionally good really clicky convincing, crisp tactile buttons something most people do pay attention when obtaining new devices. This phone is also water resistant or waterproof.

The Cameras

The OnePlus 5 already has dual cameras, the main camera and a 2x telephoto lens on the back. Pretty standard set up from what we have seen, but with this one this time they have decided to do some things a little different this time. They have maintained the same 16-megapixel main camera as the OnePlus 5, but instead of a second telephoto lens, it has another normal range camera same focal length with 20 megapixels both with an F1.7 lens focused on low-light photography.

What is really amazing with the main cameras is that the second camera (20 megapixels) inside the main camera will switch automatically in low light under 10 Lux and use something called “intelligent pixel technology” that merges four pixels into one in order to reduce noise and enhance clarity under low-light. The OnePlus 5T also comes with the portrait mode, giving you the ability to blur the background around your subject.

Facial Recognition

OnePlus 5T comes with a new way to login into the phone and that is the facial recognition. There is no a lot of information about this available, but from what I can tell you from my first impressions is that it is insanely fast maybe 5-10 times faster than face ID on the iPhone X.

This feature is ridiculous, how it works is that you just hit the power button to wake up the phone and basically turn it towards you, as soon as it recognizes your face it unlocks, no animation or anything just open immediately, but it can actually get annoying when you just want to check your notifications.

The Unchanged Features

To make it a good phone in the market, the OnePlus has kept a lot of those same things in previous OnePlus 5. So they have kept the headphone jack something a lot of enthusiasts refuse to let die, the alert slider on the side again, oxygen OS which is the ROM that is always been pretty close to stock Android.

With a few added features on top, it still has that shelf to the side of the home screen and those gestures for the screen, it is on top of Android 7.1 but we expect that it will get updated to Oreo sooner than later.

They have also kept the same specs internally as a OnePlus 5, the Snapdragon 835 chip and either with 6Gb of ram or 128Gb. No wireless charging but kept the dash charging, reader mode and it costs around 64K in Kenya which is very clearly undercutting a lot of the higher-end flagships we have seen in the last couple months.

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