This is why you should park your car Under the shade

The sun is very beneficial to humans in the sense that it provides essential energy and vitamin D that is useful to use. However, I doubt if your car needs vitamin D. Does it? Well if it doesn’t, it is important that you park it under a shade. As much as the sun could be beneficial to use, it could be very destructive on your car surfaces especially; the windshield, the dashboard and the quality of paint.

Nothing is uncomfortable like a heated card on a warm day. Leaving your car in the sun can only make your day worse when you have to sit on hot leather and spin a hot steering wheel. This compromises the quality of driving and can result in poor driving leading to accidents. UV rays from the sun have devastating effects on the cars headlights, the paint and the material covering the dashboard. This leads to degeneration and tearing that calls for budgets in the long run.

Car shades

The beauty is that some of these problems could be solved by simply parking your car under a shade rather that leaving it out to the sun as if you are drying it.

There are many legitimate arguments out there against the notion of parking a car in direct sunlight. It’s a simple fix that unfortunately is not always available, and in the land of open parking malls and clear-cut trees, the importance of seeking shelter is more important than ever. Here’s why parking in the shade like a proud car owner is always a good idea

It’s a hot topic for sure, but burnt thighs and rear-ends on leather is one of the worst experiences you can have on a hot day. Do yourself a favor and park your car well out of direct sunlight, because even if you aren’t wearing a short skirt or some kind of banana hammock, chances are that someone will at some point burn themselves.

Cars that sit out in the elements for long periods of time are prone to all sorts of issues, and while fresh paint that’s blistering and peeling isn’t cheap, neither is realizing that your dash is cracked and all of your seats are faded. Simply park that ride under the shade.

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