Podcasts: What To Listen To In 2019

Podcasts should be your best friend this year; add them to your learning material as they are a great source of information. As is commonly said, you are what you feed yourself; try podcasts today.

Podcasts are a fulfilling form of entertainment that you can enjoy as you work out, commute or when relaxing. The first time I listened to a podcast was in 2016.

I had been looking for something to fill my mornings as I commuted to work. Podcasts helped me endure being in traffic.

What Is A Podcast?

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The word podcast is a portmanteau combining the words iPod and Broadcast. Basically, a podcast is a digital media file that is downloaded directly from a streaming Internet source.

They are distributed on the Internet using syndication feeds, or free use websites, and are hosted or authored by a podcaster.

The media files are downloaded onto a computer, whether it is a home PC or a Mac, and they can be directly downloaded onto a digital media device like an iPod or other MP3 players.

Many people simplify the podcast definition simply by calling it an online, prerecorded radio program over the Internet.

Podcasts: What genre?

There are podcasts about anything and everything today. For example, the podcast Sleep with Me is literally a guy that helps you fall asleep by rambling and mumbling about nonsense.

There is definitely a lot to choose from but then again, you don’t really have to choose. Podcasts cover a wide range of topics from politics, sports, entrepreneurship, and motivational speaking.


I have a thing for entrepreneurship, the type of material I read and listen to revolves around this topic. It is, however, wise for me to push myself beyond my comfort zone; growth happens outside of my known space.

Since 2016, I have listened to two podcasts; in 2017 I added one more and these have been great learning tools to me. I am looking forward to listening to more podcasts this year. Deliberately, I will expand my pool of content.

Here are some of the podcasts to listen to in 2019.

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1. Entrepreneur On Fire – hosted by entrepreneur John Lee Dumas, this is a powerful podcast. Currently, in episode 1919, John takes time to interview professionals from all fields. Strategists, marketers, designers, financiers have all been on the show.

He knows how to ignite his tribe. Wanna join the Fire Nation? Visit https://www.eofire.com/

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2.Selfish For Success – hosted by Dr Steve Orma. As a clinical psychologist and selfish expert, Orma has taken time to understand people and that which makes them tick. It is interesting to note that some of the most successful people are selfish.

In this podcast, Orma deciphers what it means to be selfish for success; and why it is important to be selfish in order to succeed. Listen in today, my favourite is Selfish For Success with Nicolas Cole.

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3.Mixergy – hosted by Andrew Warner. Mixergy is basically an interview platform with people from different fields of study. It is where ambitious learn from a mix of experienced mentors through interviews and courses.

Here, ambitious business lovers learn from founders who tell their stories about how they got to where they are. The podcast also offers courses where they teach issues which can cripple founders.

Seeking Great Content?

Maybe you are in need of information but not through conventional methods. Use your smartphone to build yourself today.

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