12 Reasons Why Nairobians Love the Coast of Kenya

We, who live in Nairobi, enjoy taking vacations at the coast of Kenya. What are some of the reasons why Nairobians love the Coast of Kenya so much?

Today, we will look at 13 reasons why we love the Coast of Kenya. Our ideas range from the beaches, cosy hotel rooms, bearable temperatures, among other things. Any reason is good enough to make us pack our bags and gate away to the coast. Be it a friend birthday celebration, a family vacation, a valentines day celebration or even honeymooning.

Why Nairobians Love the Coast of Kenya

Here are some of the reasons why Nairobians love the Kenyan Cost.

1. To experience tranquillity

Nairobi is full of the hustle and bustle. Each second of every day, our minds are on the grind. However, when we get time off to the Coast, it’s all about cooling off. It’s like the proverbial leaving our burdens on the cross.

We leave our burdens, worries and tensions at the airport, train station or even the bus stop depending on what we used while getting to Mombasa. The Coast of Kenya, to most Nairobians, is their secret quiet place. The cool breeze and warm weather serve the purpose.

2. Stellar beaches

Nothing feels as good as waking up to magnificent blue waters. The beach is everything when visiting Mombasa. Therefore, it is not unrealistic for Nairobians to love the coast because of the beaches. The good news is that there are plenty of beaches to visit. It’s all depended on one’s pocket and preferences.

There is the exotic Lamu, the white and long Diani for coconut lovers, Chale Island covered by tropics, Mambrui, Kikambala among others. Whether you want to go for a swim or a walk along the beach or sunbathe, there are plenty of activities to carry out at the beaches.

3. Night Life

Nairobians love ‘Parte’ after ‘Parte’ and the coast is the next best city to experience this. Unlike Nairobi, which is quite Cold during the night, the weather at the Coast is quite accommodating as well. The coast has not been left behind by the recent revolutions in the music industry.

The clubs around here are well furnished and decorated to make their patrons comfortable. While the experienced Dj’s keep you dancing the whole night. Hence a reason enough why Nairobians love the Coast of Kenya.

4. Ample recreational facilities

We know that Nairobi has a lot of outdoor and recreational facilities available to its residents. However, it is tough to find time to enjoy them. When Nairobians visit the coast, they have all the time to engage in fun-filled activities. One could choose from skydiving, visiting historical sites, boat riding or even just visiting various malls for shopping. Therefore, there is much more to do, and often we have a lot of time in our hands to do it.

5. Delicious Cuisines

If you have a friend from the coast, then you know how much they love their food with spices. This is another reason why Nairobians love the Coast of Kenya.

They Love the coast because it is an opportunity for their taste palates to enjoy something different. Moreover, one could try out something new. Some of the delicacies served in the Coast include Mahamri (coconut mandazi’s), wali wa nazi (coconut rice), Biryani among others. Famously, this region is also known for its brewed strong black coffee with ginger — a significant afternoon snack.

If you are a foodie, as I am, you will find the very thought of visiting the coast quite enticing.

6. Enjoy the Marine Parks

It is only in Mombasa where one can enjoy a wide variety of fauna. When you visit marine parks, you can see different kinds of fish and other sea animals. Therefore, Nairobians, enjoy visiting the Coast of Kenya to appreciate nature. It’s an excellent opportunity to see crabs as the crawl, see different varieties of shells.

7. The culture

Unlike in Nairobi, where everyone is rushing somewhere, the coastal region is more laid back. People take time to make friendships, help a stranger, build more meaningful connections with people in their neighbourhood.

To be able to experience this culture and try to live by, it is an excellent experience for the Nairobians. Apart from this, Mombasa comprises a diverse group of people and cultures living together. Visiting the Old town and Fort Jesus is usually a walk through history.

Credits: Trip down memory lane

8. Dressing down

More to all the reasons discussed above, Nairobians also love visiting the Coast because it presents an opportunity to dress down. Most of us have to dress up to go to work. However, while at the Coast, the heat forces you to dress lightly. Some shorts and sundresses and flip-flops are everything you need to glam in Mombasa.

9. Exploration

There is so much to explore in Mombasa which can not be studied in one visit. Another reason why Nairobians love the Coastal region of Kenya is to be able to explore. Nairobians are quite curious and interested, and Mombasa is a perfect region to quench their thirst.

10. For the Glam

Another primary reason why we love the Coast is just for the glam. I know, this is a reason enough to visit the Coast. For others, they visit the Coastal region to write their names on the sand. Also, this is a sufficient reason.

11. Experience refined Swahili

All over East Africa, Nairobians are known for speaking Sheng’. A language which is neither English nor Swahili. Despite this, some of us pride ourselves on being able to be fluent in Swahili. The people living in the Coastal area of Kenya speak awesome Swahili. Therefore, we would love to visit the Coast of Kenya to experience beautiful Swahili.

12. To watch the beautiful sunrise

If you have ever watched the sunrise while on the Coast, then you know that this is a lovely experience. Presenting another reason that they love visiting the coast of Kenya to experience magical sunrises.

Reasons why Nairobians love the Coast


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