Shipping from USA to Kenya; Best shipping Companies to use

Have you ever wanted to buy something from the USA and then have it shipped to Kenya? I have ever tried to ship books from Amazon to Kenya while using Amazon agents. The process was long and frustrating and I did not enjoy it even one bit. However, through this process, I got some learnings about the best companies that one could use to ship from the USA to Nairobi Kenya. Today we will delve into discovering the best companies to use when shipping from the USA to Kenya.

The Best Companies to Use while shipping from the USA to Kenya

We all agree that the shipping cost can be a little bit expensive. Most of us have in the past tried to ship something from the States and have given up midway. This is majorly facilitated by the fact that the cost of the product may be cheaper than its shipping cost. However, there are a number of companies that are affordable, safe and secure to use while shipping.

Here is a list:

  • Phige Shipping LLC
  • FedEx
  • Kentex Cargo
  • Nile Cargo
  • DHL
  • StatesDuka

Phige Shipping LLC

This company is efficient, fast and secure in offering services to its clients who ship from the USA to Kenya. The company has both air freight services and container services too. For its container services, it is not a must to have a full container in order for them to transport your products. They also offer less than container services.


FedEx is a very famous logistic brand. This company enables one to track and manage their imports. For business, this company opens a wide door of possibility for meeting new clients. Just like Phige LLC, its services are also affordable and the packages shipped are able to get to the client on time.

The main Perks of using FedEx are:

  1. The company has incorporated customs clearance tools to its Global Trade Manager.
  2. Moreover, one can gather as much information as they would from their international shipping assist online resource center.
  3. If one ever needs to submit any electronic documents online, FedEx provides this platform already.
  4. Like most of the other sites, one is able to know the transit times and the cost to incur from this platform as well.
  5. Moreover, FedEx has partnered with various USA sites such as USGoBuy to make the process of getting products and goods from the USA a lot easier.

Kentex Cargo

Apart from this company shipping from China to Kenya, it also offers other international shipping services. These international services include shipping from the USA to Kenya. Kentex Kenya charges a minimum shipping cost at $15 without any minimum weight attached to it. Moreover, its worth to note that this is the fastest shipping company from the USA to Kenya.

For example, Kentex ships twice a week and it is possible to get your item if a smartphone with 11 to 14 days. Further to this, Kentex does all the customs clearance and delivers to the company’s pickup place or delivers to the recipient within the Nairobi area. As additional perks, one does not have to have a  USA credit card in order to shop online. Kentex does all the shopping for you.

How do I get started with Kentex

  • The first step is to know what you want to import and from where. say I need new nude lipstick from Cosmetics America.
  • Keep all the links for the items to be shipped in one place
  • Then send an email to [email protected]
  • The sales team will send you an invoice
  • in all the communications always remember to include your phone number and email address

Amazon is the number one online shopping shop in the USA. Kentex Kenya can do the shopping for you from Amazon and ship it to your doorstep. All that one to do is to give a valid residential address and the current phone number. It does not matter whether one is in Nairobi or Mombasa.

Nile Cargo Carrier

This company offers discounted shipping rates from the USA to Kenya. Just like Kentex, Nile Cargo Carriers offers a variety of shipping tips for its potential clients. if one lives in the USA and would like to send some goodies home, Nile Cargo offers to pick up services from all the 50 states of America.

It’s worth to note that the minimal amount of charge is $4.45 per LLB. However, this minimal charge varies for air freight which they charge for about $30 per LLB. One Kg is equal to 2.2 LLB.

Away from this, Nile Cargo also offers Ocean freight services which may take approximately 2 and a half to 3 Months. The good news is this shipping company offers a consolidated to its client’s shipping to Nairobi.


This company is the worlds leading shipping company. This company offers a wide range of services to its clients. Given its long term existence, the company has a lot of custom made packages to meet the needs of its clients. Away from shipping from the USA, DHL is found in over 220 countries, thereby promising your business increased potential in diversifying its portfolio.

DHL offers both freight, Parcel and document delivery as well as industry-specific packaging for any industry leader who is keen to use their services. Some of the unique features of using DHL include:

  • Ability to track one’s package
  • Enables a potential client to be able to book online
  • Client log in and tracking system


This is an online shopping site that offers both air and freight shipping. It is worth to note that StatesDuka ship to the East Africa countries at large. These companies are Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and South Sudan.

Through StatesDuka, one is able to shop in a variety of US online retailers such as Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart, eBay. This website has been featured in a variety of sites Marketwatch, nine west among others.


The list discussed extensively above contains the best sites where one could ship from the USA to Kenya. My favourite companies so far are Kentex Kenya as well as StatesDuka. However, my experience has been on shipping a few packages that do not weigh much.

We would like to hear from you, what shipping companies have you been using? Have they been listed here or not? Do you have any reviews for any of the companies listed above?