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Stawika App is a revolutionary platform that offers mobile loans in Kenya. This article will tell you more about the App and how you can secure a loan with Stawika App.

Quick Quiz, which country is called the mobile money country? Of course, it is Kenya. According to a recent survey conducted in Africa and Asia, the number one country that leads the mobile money industry in Kenya.

This is no surprise considering how many times you have used M-Pesa. It has become a way of life since money transfer and borrowing credits have been facilitated for us.

As such, subsidiary companies have utilized the opportunity that M-Pesa has created since its existence. These are mobile money apps that dispense their loans through M-Pesa. On this platform, we have discussed a ton of such ups but still, we have not scratched the surface.

There are literally tens of mobile money lending apps that you could use to obtain small loans and settle your urgent needs.

What is Stawika Loan App?

Stawika loan App is one of the mobile lending apps which is versatile compared to other apps. This application gives you various options that other mobile loan apps won’t offer you.

This app from Stawika Capital Limited has been giving small loans and credit support to Kenyans for a while now. Upon approval, loans from Stawika Loan App are sent within minutes to the borrower.

Stawika Loan App

One thing you can’t help but admire about Stawika Loan App is that their registration process is very simple and free, unlike some apps that will require you to pay some money.

The last I checked, Stawika had a customer base of more than 170,000 people which means that people are quite pleased by the lending app.

What’s more, Stawika Loan App has played a significant role is the development of SMEs by dispatching specific credits such as Capital lending and invoice factoring.

Stawika App Download

Are you interested in getting a mobile loan from Stawika? See the details below of how to proceed for Stawika App Download:

  • You should have an Android smartphone.
  • Download Stawika Loan App from google play store
  • Give the required personal details
  • Verify your phone number
  • After verification, you have an active Stawika Account

Stawika Loan Application

Now that you’ve downloaded the App, it is time to get your first loan. Use the following details in your Stawika loan application:

  1. Open the Stawika app on your phone
  2. Enter your Stawika PIN
  3. Check your loan limit
  4. Apply for a loan
  5. Upon approval, the loan will be sent to your Mpesa number verified by Stawika

Repaying your Stawika Loan

  1. Go to Mpesa menu
  2. Select Lipa na Mpesa
  3. Enter business no (Paybill number 830685)
  4. Amount (enter the loan amount due)
  5. Enter your M-Pesa PIN
  6. Send

Stawika contacts

If you encounter a challenge and need to Stawika Contacts, you can use the ones I have listed below.

That is it, so simple, now you have another mobile app to help you secure a loan to sort out you financially.

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