The New Range Rover Sport 2018 Review

The new Range Rover Sport, exceptional performance, outstanding capability, quite the truth in a class of its own.

Muscular and perfectly proportioned, the new Range Rover Sport is designed to command attention wherever you take it.

Its purposeful stance is enhanced by the redesigned grille, sports bonnet and fender vents.

The New Range Rover Sport – Design

The new design is confident, contemporary and uniquely Range Rover. Luxurious and comfortable, the Range Rover Sport is a driver’s vehicle through and through. The signature cockpit has been re-imagined, every element meticulously designed and beautifully executed. From the sleek new touch pro duo control panel to the flush touch-sensitive steering wheel switches.

New Range Rover Sport
New Range Rover Sport

Throughout this vehicle, the finest materials are combined seamlessly the dynamic sport detailing to make it both compelling and contemporary. The new Range Rover Sport features enhanced flexible storage solutions including the new upper glove box, deep storage concealed beneath the cup holders and center console with an optional refrigerator compartment.

Dynamically integrated exhausts complement the new Range Rover sports assertive design and further enhance the vehicles sportier stance. The new Range Rover Sport has sleek redesigned headlights, which now feature LED technology for improved energy efficiency and durability. The animated directional indicators further complete the distinctive contemporary design enhancements. At the rear, new LED taillights sweet back with self-assured simplicity.

The New Range Rover Sport – Integrated Technology

The new Range Rover Sport features the intuitive touch pro duo system. Key vehicle features are controlled via the dual 10-inch touchscreens which allow you to tailor the information displayed according to your preference.

The 12.3 inch high-resolution full-color interactive driver display has four different layouts which could be tailored to suit the driver’s preference and deliver the key information required. The advanced multi-function steering wheel uses hidden until-lit capacitative switches to give the driver effortless control of the vehicle’s functionality.

The new Range Rover sports second generation head-up display delivers a larger, full-color image projecting key information into the drivers line-of-sight. The all new pixel LED headlights are made up of 144 LED’s that respond to multiple light sources.

The system can shadow four sections simultaneously illuminating the road ahead without dazzling oncoming traffic. At higher speeds, the optional laser supplementary high beam enhances visibility more than 500 meters ahead, further improving safety.

A 4G Wi-Fi hotspot and numerous connection points put connectivity at the heart of the new range of a sport to ensure you stay connected wherever your journey takes you. Meanwhile, 12V USB and domestic plug sockets ensure your device’s stay charged.

The new Range Rover Sports activity key is a durable, waterproof wristband that locks and unlocks the vehicle, allowing the user to enjoy outdoor activities without having to carry their key fob.

The New Range Rover Sport – Performance

The distinctive sports command driving position elevates the driver giving sweeping views of the road ahead and a sense of confidence and control. A lightweight, all-aluminum architecture underpins the outstanding performance of the new Range Rover Sport.

Dynamic mode automatically chooses the vehicle’s performance by setting the new Range Rover sports throttle mapping, gearbox shift points, steering, and suspension to suit a dynamic driving style.

Configurable dynamics allows you to further adjust the vehicle set up to deliver a drive tailored to your specific requirements.

Air suspension delivers a sure-footed and composed drive. When cruising at a speed of a 105Km/h or above, the air suspension will lower by up to 15 mm reducing drag and improving efficiency.

New Range Rover Sport
New Range Rover Sport

Electronic active differential with torque vectoring by braking constantly balances the distribution of the engine torque between the four wheels to deliver responsive controlled cornering and handling even on the tightest of bends.

The new Range Rover Sport offers a choice of eight different powertrains. Land Rovers first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. The PF400E represents a new and exciting chapter in the marks distinguished history.

A composed and luxurious ride with Range Rover Sport capability and plug-in hybrid levels of emissions of 64 grams per kilometer. The PFP400E features an efficient 2.0-litre in genial engine coupled with a high output 85 KW electric motor which delivers a combined output of 400PS.

There is also a range of engaging petrol engines including the 2.0-liter in génial which offers both sport and economy, exhilarating supercharged 3.0-litre V6 and the incredible performance of the supercharged 5.0-liter V8.

Or choose the smooth progressive performance of the diesel engines from the efficient 2.0 liter SD4 and the impressive 3.0 liter TDV6, the powerful SDV6 and the exceptional performance of the 4.4 liters twin-turbo SDV8.

The cabin air ionization system uses nanotechnology to improve the air quality inside the vehicle. The system condenses moisture from the cabin air and breaks it into tiny electrically charged particles that react with air contaminants to neutralize odors bacteria and allergens.

Shielded by water, the particles last longer and disperse further than those from conventional ionizers making them more effective and maintaining a healthier cabin atmosphere for longer.

The ingenious gesture activated Sun blind further enhances the effort the sense of comfort and well-being inside. The blind closes automatically when the vehicle is locked, returning to its previous position when the driver returns to prevent the cabin from overheating.

Peerless in all respects, this is our most capable Range Rover Sport yet. Terrain response to adjusts the vehicle’s configuration to match the demands of the terrain by automatically selecting from one of five driving modes.

The driver can also select a dynamic mode which tunes the suspension for tighter handling and sharper responses. Or Eco-mode, where the system promotes the most efficient driving style.

Eco Mode Selected

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

The all-new P400E represents an important new chapter in the Range Rover sports distinguished history. A composed and luxurious ride with Range Rover Sport capability and plug-in hybrid levels of emissions.

But the option to charge at home or in designated public places, the new Range Rover Sport is as convenient as it is impressive. Easy home and public charging are supported by the Land Rover in the controller which allows the driver to use a smartphone to check information like the charge levels and charging times.

The petrol engine and electric motor work together to produce the combined output of  404PS delivering the effort the strength you expect from a range of the sport. In a parallel hybrid mode, the driver can choose between settings to optimize either fuel efficiency or save battery charge for later use.

When in electric mode the vehicle can operate as a purely electric vehicle with a range of up to 51 kilometers. The system automatically reverts to the petrol engine if the driver requires greater acceleration.


Vehicle shown features a number of optional features, specifications, and options. Availability will vary between markets and should be verified with your Land Rover retailer/dealer.

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