US Scholarships for Kenyan Students

Kenyan students as well as students from other developing countries can count on getting a scholarship in the USA.

The main goal of scholarship programs offered by universities and the US government is to provide everyone with the opportunity to study. The only thing you need to have to get started is a strong desire to enter the scholarship program and of course the knowledge of the subject.

Want to get a degree? Don’t worry about financial challenges. The only challenge you need to take is the academic writing challenge. Your task is to prove that you deserve to get a university scholarship. Just imagine how many Kenyans dream about getting a higher education. However, it’s impossible to accept everyone as the competition is rather high.

Every student who wants to get a scholarship should pass through the application procedure successfully. More and more university applicants decide to ask for essay writing help from online professional services like SmartWritingService.

It is the place where experts are always ready to contribute to your career success. Haven’t you chosen the best scholarship for you? Check what US scholarships you can apply for in 2020-2021 to make the right choice.

What US Scholarships Are Available for  Kenyan Students in the Upcoming Year?

Kenyan students can apply for different types of scholarships. There are programs for students of various academic levels. Whether you are an undergraduate or a postgraduate student, you’ll find the scholarship that will meet your wants and needs here. Check the list of the scholarships each of which will open new career opportunities in front of you if you get the one. 

  • Harvard University MBA Scholarship. No student doesn’t want to enter the worldwide famous Harvard University. This educational establishment with the old history welcomes international students to apply for the MBA scholarship. The good news is that nationality doesn’t matter. Want to take part in the MBA program? Applicants with the best results will take an advantage of the annual financial aid that is about $47 000 and will have an opportunity to complete the internship for free.
  • East Tennessee State University. This program will suit you if you are looking for either an undergraduate or a graduate degree program. The scholarship size isn’t as large as Harvard can offer you. Here, applicants who have won the scholarship competition will be awarded a maximum of $500.
  • Hubert Humphrey Fellowships. Compared to the previous scholarship, this one is aimed at students who want to improve their professional knowledge. Want to gain the skills of a leader? Then, don’t waste time and apply for this scholarship. Hubert Humphrey Fellowships US scholarship is for those who want to get either a Master’s or a PhD degree. Besides education fees, successful students will be awarded the possibility to learn English for free. You will get coverage from accidents and illnesses. All of the activities that are connected to your professional studies will be free of charge. (For example, participation in conferences, trips that are necessary to take part in some educational events, etc.).
  • HKBU School of Business Postgraduate Scholarship. Want to connect your future with business? Many business leaders got brilliant education thanks to the scholarship at Baptist University. It has been provided to help ambitious international students to achieve their goal without having good financial status. Among the scholarship, benefits are fees for education up to $13000.
  • Endowed Scholarship (University of Oregon). Take part in the degree level program offered by the University of Oregon if you consider yourself a specific applicant. It is worth taking part in the competition for this scholarship as the amount of financial aid reaches $15000. 
  • Rotary Foundation Graduate Scholarship. Whether you have a low or middle income, don’t hesitate to apply for this graduate program. The scholarship is available for all the students living outside the United Kingdom. You should do your best to demonstrate your skills and knowledge as the scholarship is worth up to $30.000. 
  • BI-USA Stem Cell Research Award. Students from Kenya are welcome to take part in the competition for Biological Industries Awards. Do you pursue the goal to get a PhD? Both PhD and Postdoctoral programs are available. The lucky one will enjoy an opportunity to get a free consultation for half a year and all the necessary reagents for research. The overall worth of the award is about $25000. It’s the amount of money that is spent on the products required for the successful biological stem cell research. Besides, the scholarship covers one participation in the conference where you are welcome to present your research findings. The participation supposes that your travel costs will be covered (up to $2000). You should take into account that you need to use the scholarship on your own. It isn’t allowed to give the grant to anyone else. Some students want to receive the award in the form of money. It is also impossible.
  • Alumni Association Scholarship. It’s the scholarship provided by the University System of Maryland. Are you an exemplary student? Then, don’t hesitate to apply for this scholarship. It has been designed to appreciate hard-working students who are fond of studying. If you win the competition for the scholarship, you will be awarded $2500.

As you can see, there are many degree level programs you can enter if you pursue a goal to achieve great heights in studies. You mustn’t have big money to study at prestigious universities. Demonstrate unique abilities and skills and get a chance to get a brilliant education.

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