List of Courses offered at Vera Beauty College


Vera Beauty College a sister company to Vera international fashion institute was established in 1998 to fill the gap in the professional field of training in Hair, Beauty, Modelling, Fashion, and Design and Instructors Course.

Coupled with the need to promote efficient, profitable and quality training in the Beauty industry, Vera Beauty College offers courses that vary in terms of duration and qualifications ranging from practical Certificates, Diplomas to Advanced Diplomas.

Courses offered at Vera Beauty College

The following are the top courses offered at Vera College.

School Of Cosmetology

Beauty Therapy – Diploma, Advanced Diploma

Beauty therapy is mainly concerned with the Cosmetics industry. It is the study of different treatments which are aimed at improving a person’s appearance as well as their well-being.

Vera Beauty College offers Certificate/Practical Certificate, Diploma and Advance Diploma courses in Beauty Therapy for a duration of 6 months.

A beauty therapist offers specialist services, treatment, and advice for the skin, body, massage, and makeup of individual artists. The broad beauty education gives you a chance to enthusiastically explore different avenues in the Cosmetology industry.

Vera Beauty College

This is a broad course which gives you a chance to enthusiastically explore different avenues in the commercial sector, offering specialist services, treatments, and advice for the skin, body care, massage and make-up of individual clients.

You can work in the media and film industry as a makeup artist, in the publishing industry as a beauty and lifestyle writer, explore a career as a skin care specialist,  start makeup and skin care products retail business, become a beauty therapist educator, a consultant and finally become a salon business owner.

Modules offered under this course include:

  • Facial treatments
  • Lash and brow treatment
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Makeup
  • Waxing
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Skin Biology
  • Body massage and treatment
  • Nutrition
  • Aromatherapy

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Certificate Nail Technology – Acrylic/Gel System

This is a part-time course that has a duration of one month with great opportunities in the film industry, beauty salon and beauty pageants industries. You can become employed in a salon, or be self-employed. Total Fees is Ksh 35,500

A nail technician has many opportunities in the film industry, beauty salon, Beauty Pageants, and makeup artists. the module covered under Nail Technology Course Modules include

  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Nail tips and application
  • Nail wraps
  • Acrylic nails
  • Gels
  • Maintenance and removal of tips
  • Airbrushing
  • Nail art and freehand painting
  • The creative touch

Certificate in Reflexology

This course is closely related to massage but it is an advanced system of massage which is used to relieve tension and treat illness. the course duration is 1 month.

Certificate in Modeling & Beauty

Course Duration: 4 months
Total Fees: 40,000/=

Certificate in Runway Modeling

Course Duration: 1 month
Total Fees: 23,500/=

Diploma in Fashion Design

Course Duration: 20 months
Total Fees: 163,000/=

Certificate in Design And Sketching

Course Duration: 10 months
Total Fees: 76,000/=

Diploma in Pattern Making & Sewing

Course Duration: 15 months
Total Fees: 123,000/=

Certificate in FreeHand Cutting

Course Duration: 15 months
Total Fees: 123,000/=

Diploma in Interior Design In Soft Furnishings

Course Duration: 15 months
Total Fees: 122,500/=

Certificate in Event Decoration & Flower Arrangement

This course is designed for people interested in the advancing industry of Events and wedding planning, function décor, and flowers. The Event Decoration and flower arrangement course provides complete training in wedding and event design.

It is ideal for those who love and enjoy using their creativity to masterfully design weddings and events and want to start their own event décoration and managing business or work for someone else. The course duration is 6 months

Certificate in Accessory Making/Embroidery

Course Duration: 8 months
Total Fees: 63,000/=

Certificate in Beadwork

Handbags, Shoes, necklace & earrings, rings, flowers, belts, and hair bands
Course Duration: 1 month
Total Fees: 35,000/=

Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Hair Dressing – 6 months

This course provides explanations and illustrations about the knowledge and skills required to become a professional hairdresser. Career opportunities in this field include salon business owner, hairdressing educator, hair colorist, hair designer, publisher, and a hair retailer specialist

The module covered are:

  • Chemical reforming
  • Professional ethics decontamination
  • Relaxing
  • Permanent Waving
  • Colouring
  • Hair cutting
  • Thermal styling
  • Setting and dressing of long and short hair
  • Creative styling

Certificate/Practical Certificate in Hair Dressing

Course Duration: 6 months
Total Fees: 67,500/=

Teaching Skills (Tot) In Cosmetology (Diploma)

Course Duration: 6 months
Total Fees: 105,500/=

Diploma in Teaching Skills (Tot) In Fashion Design (Diploma)

Course Duration: 6 months
Total Fees: 60,500/=

Certificate in Salon Business Management

Course Duration: 4 months
Total Fees: 35,500/=

Vera Beauty College Affiliated Institutions

  • City & Guilds International (U.K)
  • Spangles international (U.K)

Vera Beauty College Contacts Details

Vera Beauty College & Fashion Institute
Emperor Plaza 2nd Floor, Kenyatta Avenue Opp. GPO
P.O Box 12416, Nairobi 00100
O20-2216520, 2216296
[email protected]

Vera Beauty Branches Contacts

Nairobi Campus: 0725923550
Meru Campus: 0725000706
Eldoret Campus: 0728087689

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