Victoria Commercial Bank Kenya

It is funny how some companies manage to stay underwater but still have a sustainable number of customers to keep them running. Have you ever heard of Victoria Commercial Bank in Kenya? If yes, you are ahead of your time and if no, well you are about to find out more.

About VCB

Victoria Commercial Bank

Also known as VCB, the Victoria Commercial Bank is a medium-sized bank and lender that is mostly known to city dwellers. This bank was licensed as a full house banking institution in 1996. Yeah, that’s right. This bank has been operating in the country for the last 21 years but not many people know about it.

Victoria Commercial Bank provides various services but is more of a lending institution. It provides loans to individuals and companies via mobile phones, bank deposits, and internet platforms. Currently, the bank has been established in Nairobi with three branches casts across Industrial Area, Upper Hill, and Westlands. In case you need financial help, you can as well consider Victoria Commercial Bank and add it to the list of banks you intend to borrow from.

For inquiries about this bank, you can contact them via phone:

Industrial Area Branch   0709876300

Upper Hill – Head Office                0709876000

Westlands Branch            0709876200



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