WAIT!!! If it does not have these features DO NOT buy it!

I think we should get into 2018 with an attitude of demanding value where we deserve it.  Why am saying this, buying a car in Kenya is not cheap now that the government imposes countless taxes on your car until it’s priced like gold.

Anyway thank God one way or another we are able to afford them but in the process, make sure that you also get what you are paying too expensive for.

It pisses me off when I look at the pettiness in most of the cars that we import due to the absence of several features that should be standard at this time and age.

If it does not have these features DO NOT buy it!

Here we will talk about the unattractive Quacks that are common in our cars. Forget about the most recent technologies in the automotive industry like the lane-keeping assist and autonomous braking during emergencies.

I am talking about technologies of yesteryears that have not yet been incorporated in some of the cars that we are importing today.

So what are these technologies? I hear you asking! Right,  technologies like automatic up-down windows,

airbags, automatic headlights tree blink – one-touch indicators, a global infotainment screen, leather interior, and digital radio.

Yes, only those.  Does this seem like a joke? When was the last time you saw a new car from Japan with an infotainment system that is coded in English?

You probably have never seen one. What we get here are things we don’t understand, written in what I would assume is Greek.

Most people end up spending more money to replace the infotainment system at quite a cost.

Away from that, I think it is time we started to appreciate quality because if we did, no one would tolerate a car of well… above 1 million to have plastic finishes all over the interior. Not only does it make your car look petty, I think it is not healthy for you hahaha.

Navigation is another important feature that should come standard on all cars now. Most of the cars we have here have outdated nav systems that are slow and non-responsive to your urgent searches.

I believe that navigation being a very important system should be given higher priority while you are looking for a car. To the carmakers, give people what they deserve not unless you are led by prats who scrap and frisk their customers.

Key Features to look out for

And for the buyers, make sure that the next car you are buying has some if not all of the following features;

  • Rear air vents
  • 360 camera view
  • Automatic folding mirrors
  • Automatic lights or wipers
  • Cruise control
  • Keyless entry or start
  • A cassette deck (How did this one get in…)
  • Car Play/Android infotainment
  • Head-up display
  • A spot dedicated to phone and keys

I’m sure many of you will tell me about the inconsequence of these gripes in the comments but at the same time, be sure to include the little things bug you most in your car.

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