How to Access Youth Fund Loan in Kenya


The Youth Enterprise Development Fund (Youth Fund Kenya) is a state corporation under the Ministry of Public Service, Gender, and Youth Affairs. In this post, am going to show you how to apply and get Loans from Youth Fund Kenya

The Fund, together with Uwezo Fund, is one of the flagship projects of Vision 2030, under the social pillar and seeks to create employment opportunities for young people through entrepreneurship by encouraging them to be job creators and not job seekers.

It does this by providing accessible and affordable financial and business development support services to youth who are keen on starting or expanding their businesses.

Applying for Youth Fund Loan

The Youth Enterprise Development Fund is set up by the government to provide affordable start-up loans to youths registered in groups and interested in venturing into a social-economic activity.

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To qualify for a loan with the Youth Fund, Kenyan Youths must be in registered groups also know as “Chamas” from which they can come up with business proposals and be able to seek financial assistance from the government through Youth Fund Kenya.

Youth Fund loans are only granted at the constituency level, which makes it easy for youths in marginalised areas to access and apply for the funds from their various constituency offices known as youths wing. Read also: How to check your CRB status in Kenya

Loans offered by the Youth Fund

1. Individual Start-Up Loan (Vuka Start-Up)

This type of loan targets youth who wish to start commercial enterprises. The loan is only granted to youth with an alternative verifiable income and a viable business plan. The applicant may use the credit for working capital or purchase income-generating assets. The startup loan is

2. Talanta Loan

Talanta loan is granted to youth in the creative/performing arts. Applicants may be individuals, registered groups, partnerships, and companies owned and run by youth

  • Group Loans
  • Expansion loans
  • Agribizz loans
  • Talanta Loan for individuals in
  • LPO Financing

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Loan Requirements

These are some of the documents which must be presented to the youth office at constituency level when applying for a loan from the youth fund.

  • Group/Business registration certificate
  • Group membership list with copies of member National IDificatio
  • Minutes from the group’s meetings authorising loan borrowing

Note: Individual youths can access business expansion loans from the fund for working capital or the purchase of income-generating assets.

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How to apply for the Loan in Kenya

Below are steps on how to apply and get youth fund

  • You can either apply as an Individual or a group. All you need to do is to visit your respective constituency/sub-county Youth offices.
  • Pick and fill the loan application forms and attach all the required documents.
  • Return the loans in the same office and wait for the loans officer response
  • The Loan’s officer will then guide you with all other necessary steps.
  • He will also provide training, vetting, and guide you on how to repay the loan on time.
  • Use the loan for the purpose applied for.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, please share among your group members. You may also be interested in knowing about how to apply for the Kenya Education Fund Sponsorship

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