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BAKE Awards 2017 Winners: Top Blogs in Kenya

BAKE Awards 2017 Winners: Top Blogs in Kenya

BAKE Awards is an annual event that recognizes and awards exceptional Kenyan bloggers in various categories. The event is organized by BAKE (Bloggers Association of Kenya) and has been in existence since 2012.

The BAKE Awards 2017 had 23 categories in total where readers had a chance to vote for their favorite blogs across the categories. This year saw two new categories introduced i.e. Best Lifestyle Blog and Best Human Rights Blog to champion for lifestyle and human rights issues.

Some of the key sponsors of this year’s awards included; Safaricom, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ford Motors, ShowMax, Xpose, EatOut and Kenya Human Rights Commission.

The Winners we announced at a gala event on 13 May 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nairobi. The event was attended by over 400 guests who included bloggers, the public and key players in the industry.

BAKE Awards Winners

The following is a list of the Winners in the 2017 BAKE Kenya Bloggers Awards (BAKE Awards):

Best Photography Blog in Kenya

This category is for Blogs that showcase original photos or have photography related content.

  1. mutuamatheka.co.ke/blog
  2. irungu.tumblr.com
  3. sanaastory.co.ke
  4. victorpeace.com/blog
  5. mwarv.click.co.ke

Best Technology Blog in Kenya

Blogs in Kenya that cover technology matters like gadgets, Social Media, web culture, Internet usage, tech startups etc.

  1. techweez.com
  2. techguy.co.ke
  3. moseskemibaro.com
  4. muva.co.ke/blog
  5. incubateafrica.net

Best Creative Writing Blog in Kenya

These are Blogs that feature original creative writing in the form of poetry, book reviews, fiction, and essays. This category has many entries ever since the Awards began.

  1. markmaish.com
  2. magunga.com
  3. abbaanxiety.com
  4. anduvate.wordpress.com
  5. chingano.com

Best Business Blog in Kenya

Blogs that feature business content like business development, entrepreneurship, startups, stocks, investments, banking, finance etc.

  1. biznews.co.ke 
  2. sokodirectory.com
  3. kenyanwallstreet.com
  4. bankelele.co.ke
  5. biasharainsight.com

Best Food Blog in Kenya

Entries in this category included Blogs that focus on food, cooking tips, restaurants, wines, and recipes.

  1. kaluhiskitchen.com
  2. cookingwithjaz.com
  3. dinewithjemutai.com
  4. thefitfabfoodie.com
  5. wemenshouldcook.com

Best Environmental/Agricultural Blog in Kenya

Agriculture being the backbone of Kenya’s economy was well presented. Blogs in this category are those that focus on the environment and/or agriculture.

  1. graduatefarmer.co.ke
  2. farmerstrend.co.ke – We had mentioned the blog as one of the best in Kenya Here
  3. hortzone.com
  4. africancityplanner.com
  5. topfarmer.co.ke

Best Fashion/Beauty/Hair/Style Blog in Kenya

These are Blogs that highlight current trends in fashion, beauty, and style.

  1. curveswithstyle.com 
  2. aminafemshion.blogspot.co.ke
  3. lehautestyle.com
  4. missturu.com
  5. shesatomboy.net

Best Governance Blog in Kenya

2017 being an Election year in Kenya saw Blogs that cover the relationship between the Kenyan government and the people and politics in Kenya. Now you know where to get your news from.

  1. gathara.blogspot.co.ke
  2. danielominde.co.ke
  3. maunduville.blogspot.co.ke
  4. kanalispeaks.com

Best New Blog in Kenya

New and outstanding Blogs that were set up from January 2016 onwards.

  1. itsmugambi.com/blog
  2. otherwisepodcast.com
  3. kashkaaria.com
  4. kaaris-kitchen.com
  5. hairpolitan.com

Best Corporate Blog in Kenya

We always encourage companies and brands to have a blog, this is where they would have belonged in the competition.

  1. ihub.co.ke/blog
  2. centonomy.com/blog
  3. brightermonday.co.ke/blog
  4. thekuzaproject.org/kuza-blog
  5. sportpesanews.com

Best Topical Blog in Kenya

Blogs with a clear niche that is not represented in any of the other categories.

  1. owaahh.com
  2. moda.co.ke
  3. impacthubmedia.com
  4. kampusville.com
  5. tukatiane.co.ke

Best Sports Blog in Kenya

These are Blogs that feature sports content.

  1. futaa.com
  2. osbke.com
  3. kenyanstar.co.ke
  4. soka.co.ke
  5. sporta.co.ke

Best Entertainment Blog in Kenya

Blogs about the Kenyan entertainment industry.

  1. niaje.com
  2. buzzcentral.co.ke
  3. hotsecretz.blogspot.co.ke
  4. oygkmag.com
  5. nairobinow.wordpress.com

Best Education Blog in Kenya

Blogs about education matters in Kenya.

  1. teachersnoticeboard.co.ke
  2. magazinereel.com
  3. blog.cipit.org

Best Travel Blog in Kenya

These are the blogs that encourage the Tembea Kenya motto and cover everything about traveling in Kenya and abroad.

  1. safari254.com
  2. harpreetswanderlust.com
  3. wachera.com
  4. pilgrimchic.com
  5. myglobalattitude.com

Best Public Health Blog in Kenya

Blogs that focus on public healthcare in Kenya.

  1. healthkenya.co.ke
  2. sheblossoms.co.ke
  3. sihayako.co.ke
  4. lindaafya.co.ke

Best County Blog in Kenya

Blogs that are based in a County and that feature content from a specific County.

  1. lifeinmombasa.com
  2. amazingkisumu.co.ke
  3. ameru.co.ke
  4. eldoretleo.com
  5. famousnakuru.co.ke

Best Religious or Spirituality Blog in Kenya

Blogs that feature content on religion and/or spirituality.

  1. penstrokes.co.ke
  2. aliveinme.co.ke
  3. naibei.co.ke
  4. karwirwalaura.com
  5. reinabeaty.com

Best Lifestyle Blog in Kenya

Blogs that focus on Kenyan lifestyle across diverse topics.

  1. potentash.com
  2. lilmissbelle.com
  3. lyraoko.com
  4. kenyanstory.com
  5. blendedbacon.com

Best Human Rights Blog in Kenya

Blogs that cover direct attacks by the state or state agents on Civic and Democratic Space, civic liberties and freedoms as well as attacks on individual human rights activists.

  1. kituochasheria.wordpress.com
  2. mzalendo.com/blog

Best Women and Girls’ Empowerment Blog in Kenya

Blogs that focus on the empowerment of women and girls.

  1. mummytales.com
  2. shaboard.com
  3. thefeministsarecoming.aisha.co.ke
  4. nerdyclues.com
  5. stillamum.com/blog

Best Social Issues and Active Citizenship Blog winner

Blogs that focus on Social issues affecting Kenyans and that promote active citizenship in Kenya.

  1. wandianjoya.com 
  2. brainstorm.co.ke
  3. devkafrica.wordpress.com
  4. turkanainformativehealth.wordpress.com

Kenyan Blog of the Year in Kenya Winner

This is the overal best blog in Kenya in 2017.

  1. magunga.com 
  2. kaluhiskitchen.com
  3. stillamum.com/blog
  4. kenyanstory.com
  5. healthkenya.co.ke

Here is a live recording of the event, enjoy and congratulations to the winners.


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