Top 10 Best Beaches in Kenya

Kenya is a well-known destination for its pristine beaches. We bring you a list of beaches in Kenya that will give you a tropical treat and a range of activities to spoil yourself with.

As a harboured country, Kenya enjoys some of the most breathtaking beaches the Indian Ocean has to offer.

Read on to find out the best beaches in Kenya, which will blow your mind. They offer world-class views and relaxation, so you do not have to travel far and wide in search of a perfect beach.

Here is a List of BEST Beaches in Kenya

1. Diani Beach

Diani tops the list of beaches in Kenya as one of the most beautiful yet vast coastal beach along the Indian Ocean. The beach is located 30 Kilometers from the coastal town of Mombasa and is a popular relaxation haven in the coast.

Perhaps people who remember Diani remember it for its beautiful corals, palm vegetation and the underwater dunes.

This makes Diani an ideal destination to bath in the sand and sun as well as surf the clear waters. People also love to go for picnics along Diani beach due to its calmness and a beautiful oceanfront. Still, Diani beach is famous since it offers a variety of water sports than any other beach along the Kenyan coast.

2. Lamu Beach

Lamu is a trendy tourist destination that seems to be stuck back in history. Other than the cultural and structural spackle, Lamu is also known for its breathtaking beaches which are undoubtedly spectacular locations.

Safaris in Kenya

The most popular beaches include Shela beach and Manda Bay. Covered in white sand and clear blue waters, Tourists appreciate these beaches for their picturesque views and peaceful ambience

3. Tiwi Beach

This small beach in Kwale County is like a misplaced gem. The beach offers the best nature can provide. It is located south of Diani beach. Thanks to its secret location, the beach is a beautiful picnic and vacation spot along the coast where you can enjoy the sea, sun, and sand.

list of beaches in Kenya

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4. Nyali

Nyali is a renowned neighbourhood since it is home to some of the wealthiest people in Kenya. This beach is, therefore, one of the most exclusive beaches. A generous part of the beach is owned by resorts and hotels which offer luxurious accommodation.

Among the activities that you can do in Nyali include, swimming, sunbathing, surfing, building sandcastles, among other fun activities like going for picnics along the shores of the Indian Ocean.

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Since the beach is located in an exclusive neighborhood, it is never overcrowded, and the security is better. It makes a spectacular place for people who love a peaceful and private space.

5. Turtle Bay- Watamu Beach

Turtle Bay is perfect for a calm and relaxing day by the sea. It stretches over 7km along the Indian Ocean and is located 15kn south of Malindi.

Owing to its massive size, people love to take walks along the beach, swim the clear waters, enjoy the reefs and busk in the soft white sand.

Generally speaking, turtle bay gives you a delightful feeling, and the alluring ocean gives a fantastic sight. The beach is also famous with other activities such as sunbathing and surfing

6. Vipingo

Vipingo beach is another scenic place on our list of beaches in Kenya that you should visit.

It is located in Kilifi where Swahili villages surround it. The beach offers clear blue waters and pristine white sand beaches that will blow your mind.

What’s more, the beaches are surrounded by greenery and palm vegetation, which provide a wild environment.

It is a place to be for people who value nature. If you are looking for a romantic and peaceful beach, Vipingo beach should be on your list of favourites.

7. Bamburi Beach

If you have been to the North Coast, You must have visited Bamburi beach. It is an amazing and calm beach that boasts of calm waters, white sand and scenes that make for a perfect vacation.

The beach is a popular destination for sun lovers and sand seekers. It is a perfect place to find some relaxing peacetime.

8. Gazi Beach

Gazi beach is surrounded by beautiful palm vegetation and some luxury lodges that offer accommodation to visitors.

It is located 3Km from Gazi, a coastal town in Kenya. The beach is never crowded, and it is the best place to go if you are looking for privacy during your vacation. If you are a sun worshipper, you will love Gazi Beach.

9. Shanzu

This is one of the beaches that have several beach resorts and hotels, bars and restaurants, where visitors can lodge, enjoy and have fun during their holidays. It is located along the Mombasa-Malindi Highway 30km from Mombasa.

Shanzu beach offers pleasant views of the sea and the sheer beauty of the coast. It is a perfect place for a tropical beach vacation; it provides remarkable experiences thanks to the variety of adventures that visitors can engage in.

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10. Kikambala Beach

Kikambala beach sums up our list of beaches in Kenya. It is located north of Mombasa and is famous for its palm groves. With its beautiful sandy beaches and palm vegetation, Kikambala is easily one of the best beaches along the Kenyan coast.

Kikambala beach is shielded by a long coral reef that protects the beach. Thanks to its beauty, there are several beach resorts situated on Kikambala beach for people to enjoy and relax.

The Indian Ocean is said to be the calmest ocean, and a great deal of that comes with beautiful white sand beaches along the Kenyan coastline. You do not have to travel to Hawaii or South America in search of stunning beaches while you could find them in Kenya.

Kenyan beaches are famous for their natural state, less pollution sand, sun, clear waters, and fun activities all that provide you with the much-needed relaxation.

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Enough of the hype, why don’t you pack up your bag and join me as we go discovering the fantastic beaches we have in Kenya.


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