Best Business to start in Kenya 2020

There is still some best business to start out in Kenya in 2020. In this article, we will discuss some of the best business ideas.

Top best business to start in Kenya in 2020

The business ideas we are listing below are based on the demand in the market.

Most people are looking for convenience, if you are able to offer this to them, then you will be on your way to establishing a profitable business.

  1. Grocery business – Fresh fruits and vegetable

A grocery business will always be a profitable venture. People will always eat, no matter what. If you own a car and have nothing to do with it at the moment.

Then you can use its boot as your shop. All you will need to do is visit the farmers market, buy some fresh fruits and vegetables, and then identify the busiest spot in your estate i.e outside the supermarket, at the bus stop e.t.c.

This is the best business to start out in Kenya at the moment as you will require very little to start with.

If you decide to operate within your estate, you can offer to deliver to your customers in the comfort of their homes. Therefore selling comfort and necessity at the same time at a small price.

2. Cooking and delivery of meals business

About 20% of the working population in Kenya is made up of young people. Let’s just assume that 10% of these young people are unmarried and live alone within and around Nairobi.

Most of the employers of young people used to offer them breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks. So that they would focus on performing their jobs rather than worrying.

Here is where this business opportunity comes in. If you are a chef, you can work on a menu to be delivering home-cooked meals to these young people.

Most of them, are quite lazy at making meals and hence your niche. However, you will have to research the best places to advertise your business. Places like Kasarani, Mirema, Roysambu, Zimmerman.

Most of the people living in these places may be your biggest customers.

3. Shopping and delivery business

The shopping and delivery business is also one of the best businesses to start in Kenya in 2020. You will need an e-commerce platform connecting you to your customers.

Since most people are unwilling to leave their homes and go shopping. You can be the middle man who shops for them and delivers everything at their doorstep.

In some cases, a large investment will not be needed. Just make an advert, post it on social media, provide a phone number for people to be able to reach out to you, specify the location and if you are good, soon calls will begin trickling in.

4. Online tutoring

Children have been home now for a while. Most parents are also at home but they find it hard homeschooling them. How about you start an online tutoring business for students in a particular grade.

This is the best idea if you are a trained professional working in this area. You can even mobilize a number of teachers so that all the lessons are covered just like at school.

All you need to ensure is that the children have access to a laptop and internet access.

Online tutoring is a top business to consider especially for form four and class eight students.

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5. Cleaning business

Cleaning is one business that will never go away. As long as human beings are still on this planet, we will need people to clean after them.

Most people are now realizing that their homes need more general cleaning as they are now home often.

One could start out a home cleaning business whereby you visit homes and clean then get paid. This business could be focused on cleaning sofa sets, walls, floors, carpets, and rugs.

6. Alcohol and Liquor delivery

There are some small businesses that have started that offer alcohol and liquor delivery. Unfortunately, there are some areas that they do not deliver to.

How about you partner with them and enable them to deliver to those areas that they have not yet been able to. Or if a partnership is out of the question, how about beginning your own business to deliver alcohol?

There are still people out there who need to grab 1,2 before going to sleep.

7. Health and fitness

Being on Lockdown or quarantined does not mean that your health is at a stop. If you are a health and fitness enthusiast, you could start out an estate health and fitness club.

In this club, you can opt to do online videos and share it with people who have subscribed to your service. or even, offer to conduct PE for the estate children.

Health and fitness business is one of the best business ideas that one can try to implement in Kenya in 2020.

8. Blogging

Blogging is the best business for those of us who love writing and providing the content. In Kenya, this business is growing rapidly.

In order to be able to make it, you will need to find a niche that exists in the market and then begin providing content in that area.

You’ve seen bloggers living pretty well on their earnings from this business. Therefore, if you have the time, and you love writing, try out this best business in Kenya.

9. Agribusiness

This is one of the best businesses I would start out myself if I had a piece of land somewhere. People will always eat.

At the moment, people are looking to purchase organic foods that have been grown without the use of artificial additions. If you own a piece of land and are passionate about agribusiness, then this is a niche you can follow.

Research the market to see what is on-demand and grow it. Then look for partnerships with large supermarket chain stores and you will not regret your decision of venturing into this field.

10. Vlogging

Just like bloggers are doing pretty well, Vloggers are also having a time of their lives. People are glued to their screens these days 24/7 looking for content to devour.

Start a vlogging business and provide the content that people are looking for and trust me people will be waiting for a new release and asking for it.

Conclusion on Best business in Kenya 2020

All the ideas above are a good place to start out from if you are looking to start a business during this period. However, it is very important to do your research before venturing into the business.

Kindly note that this article is for informational purposes only.

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