List of 10 Best Countries to Live in 2020

Are you tired of your living conditions in Kenya? Read on to find a list of the best countries to live in.

Do you desire to go abroad in search of greener pastures? This guide is for you. Every day thousands of Kenyans are leaving the country in search of better lives in foreign countries.

Most often times they end up falling in countries where they are not treated well. There have been instances where we’ve read or heard in the news how some of them lost their lives, others end up in jail or are deported under unclear circumstances.

Better still there are those that are lucky enough to land in countries where they prosper in all aspects of their lives.

In this article, we save you the hustle of landing in the wrong countries abroad by looking at ten best countries to live in and realise your dreams of a better life in terms of political stability, high health standards economic stability and education.

Best Countries to Live in (Updated 2020)

Here is a list of the best countries to live in

1. Norway

According to the United Nations Human Development Report, Norway ranked first. Life expectancy in Norway goes up to 82 years of age. Its people get to live for so long because of the high-quality healthcare systems in place.

The healthcare systems are funded by the people and this enables everyone to get good health care even if they can’t afford it. It is among the wealthiest and least corrupt countries in the world today.

Making it the most habitable country in the world today.

2. New Zealand

New Zealand comes in second place after Norway. It boasts of high quality of education and health care systems. In fact, life expectancy in New Zealand is a little bit higher than that of Norway.

It has numerous economic opportunities, political stability and freedom. So if you are considering living in New Zealand you are safe.

3. Australia

Apart from its political and economic stability, Australia boasts of a high-quality education system. In this country education matters are taken seriously.

There are measures put in place to ensure that no one misses school and not just that but that the students attain good grades. Children in Australia stay in school until they graduate from college at around 20 years of age.

That’s something that would make you want to live in this country.

4. Switzerland

Despite being landlocked, small and mountainous, Switzerland is one country worth living in. It is known for its high tech economy which ensures that its citizens are economically stable.

Their education and healthcare systems are also of high quality. These attributes make it very habitable.

5. Sweden

In Sweden, you not only get to enjoy high-quality education and healthcare. This country puts more importance freedom, equality, security and growth of its citizens.

Their working conditions are second to none. The people of Sweden get to enjoy five-week vacations every year.

If you are an entrepreneur the government has got your back. The Swedish government offers support to business people who want to start companies.

6. Botswana

Despite Africa being portrayed as a dark place in the world, there are most developed countries that are safe to live in and prosper. One such country is Botswana.

Located in the southern part of Africa, Botswana has enjoyed good publicity compared to other African countries.

It is not only a safe country to live in, but it also has a stable economy, good infrastructure, political system and a strong judicial system.

7. Ireland

Ireland is located in Europe and neighbours with the United Kingdom. It ranks as one of the safest countries to live in 2019.

Criminal activities and homicides are very low compared to other countries in the world. This aspect of safety makes Ireland attractive to those who look to relocate.

8. Germany

Not only known for the production of original products, but Germany is also the place to live if you are interested in industrialization.

Notwithstanding, there are other things such as high quality of education, Political stability and a big job market that make it an attractive option.

It puts more emphasis on education that’s why almost every citizen has got higher education.

9. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known for offering its people a high quality of life. How is this? It has low taxes which make it suitable for business people to thrive.

In Hong Kong, you are assured of your safety despite having densely populated towns. It has modern transport systems making it easy to move.

10. Singapore

This list would not be complete without mentioning Singapore.

It is among the most homely countries to live in 2019. To add to that, Singapore has a high life expectancy and the best health care system.

Factors to consider when choosing a country to Live in the world

The main reason why people move is to be able to live better lives and be able to provide for their families. So before you move here are factors to consider when choosing the country to live in.

The quality of life. The country you choose to live in must provide a high quality of life. A country with a big life expectancy is the best.

Well developed education systems are also very important. You want an education that will enable you to grow as an individual and be able to compete well in the job markets.

Job security is another factor to consider when choosing a country to live in. Why move to a country where you are not assured of job security? A job that provides health, retirement and other benefits to their employees is worth your sweat.

The health care system has to be super. For you to thrive you have to be in top shape healthwise. A country that can provide high-quality health care is definitely the best place to be.

Poverty is the driving force behind people leaving their motherland in big numbers. It is therefore very key to move to a country that assures you of economic prosperity. A country whose economy is stable is the best place to live in.

Conclusion on Best Countries to Live In

Finally, ones you have made a decision about which country you want to live in, ensure you find out everything about your travel requirements.

Normally you have to have a valid passport, identification papers such as the ID, Birth certificates and others as required by the country you intend to live in.

Different countries have different immigration requirements. Some of the requirements include communication proficiency and medical exams. In such instances, you will be required to pass language exams.

On the other hand, you will be subjected to extensive medical examinations to ensure that you are fit to live in the country of choice. To find out more, make a point of visiting the embassy of your country of choice.

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