How to Create a Blog in Kenya: Ultimate Guide

There are many ways you can make money online, but one of the surest and steady ways is blogging. And that is why I decided to create this tutorial on how to create a blog in Kenya.

So, if you would love to make money online, you may need to become a blogger (Own a blog). Bloggers make money from so many channels such as Affiliate Marketing, Google AdSense, Information Marketing, Advertising, and Direct Product Sales among others.

In this post, I’ll to take you through a step-by-step process on how you can create and start your own blog in Kenya. I’m going to show you how to create a blog in Kenya using the two most popular platforms i.e WordPress and Blogger.

It is my desire and sincere hope that, after reading this post, you will be able to create your own blog, publish it, see it on the world wide web and probably start making money from it.

How to Create a Blog in Kenya

In order to create your blog you need:

  • Internet connection- you can use a modem or hotspot via bundles
  • Content Management System (CMS) -A CMS is a software application or set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content
  • A device that connects to the internet such as; Desktop computer/Laptop, iPad or a Phone

As mentioned earlier, there are two popular blogging software or platforms (CMS in our case). Of course, there are many other ones, but for now, let us focus on how to use the two popular ones. Now that we have all that we need, let’s put our tools to action, launch our first blog and start making money from it.

How to Create a blog in Kenya with Blogger

Blogger is a blogging software (CMS) owned and run by Google. Most bloggers start their blogging business on Blogger before migrating or changing their domain name to something professional as discussed below on this post. I actually don’t recommend that you start from here for reasons am going to show you later in this article.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a blog in Kenya using blogger. Note: You only require a single Google account to access all the Google products such as Google Drive, Gmail, Adsense, Blogger, YouTube, Google Doc, FeedBurner, Google Earth, and much more…

  • Open or create an account with Google. If you already own a Gmail Account just use it to create the blog on Blogger.
  • Still logged into your Google account, visit 
  • Loggin to confirm your profile and click continue to Blogger
  • You will be redirected to another page to create your blog.
  • Type in your blog Name
  • Type in your blog website address (URL)
  • Check and confirm that your website address is available
  • Select a theme (Appearance) from the free themes available
  • Click “Create Blog” to finish creating your blog

That is it, you’re done!

Note: your blog name URL will be something like This can still be used to make any amount of money you need by monetizing it with Adsense. But am yet to confirm if Google AdSense team is still accepting them. Blogspot blog again into their AdSense program. This brings the necessity to get a free domain name when you buy web hosting account from Godaddy.

How to Create a blog In Kenya FREE with WordPress

With WordPress which is a CMS, you can create a free blog. There are three blogging platforms in WordPress which are:

  • Free domain with custom domain alternative, hosted on WordPress – FREE
  • Fully optimized self-Hosted WordPress powered website or blog. – NOT FREE
  • WordPress VIP: Enterprise Hosting Powered WordPress Sites. – NOT FREE

For absolute beginners, I would recommend using the free platform so that you can use that to learn the basics before paying. But if you want to get something exceptional, I will advise you to chose your self-hosted WordPress blog. You can get one from Nabaleka digital Solutions in no time.

How to create a blog using


  • Visit and click on “Create a blog” button.
  • Enter your blog name and check if it’s available
  • Click “Create Your Site” and Continue
  • Enter the information required and click “Create a Blog”

You are done!

Note: Your blog name will be something like You can later change it to and still host it for free on Word of caution, there are limitations to free hosting i.e. You will have total control over everything on your site. Of course, with WordPress free hosting, you will not be able to add Google Adsense to your site.

How to Create a Professional Blog in Kenya with Custom Domain

From the foregoing discussion, you can see how easy it was to create a free blog. But if you need a professional blog, you will need a little investment. For more details on how to run and manage your blog, read about how to start a Blog site in Kenya.

To create a professional blog you will need to:

  1. Purchase and own a custom domain name like would recommend you get a free domain name when you buy hosting account from Godaddy. They provide professional WordPress Hosting services.
  2. Buy a professional premium theme from This makes your blog to have a feel of uniqueness.
  3. You can also choose to use the free WordPress theme for starters if you don’t have enough money to purchase the premium theme.
  4. Do minor changes and customization and SEO of your theme.

That’s all you need to start publishing on your professional blog. It will look like this blog you are reading now. That’s all… Congratulations! You now have a blog.

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