Bus Booking Platform QuickBus Enters Kenyan Market

Online Bus ticketing system, QuickBus has launched operations in the Kenyan Market.

The platform allows passengers to easily book bus tickets at a click or through their smartphone or a basic feature phone.

The platform targets long-distance bus operators.

Routes included are to western Kenya and Coastal towns like Mombasa with introductory fares of Ksh 950.

It has signed up transport firms such as Greenline Limited, Trinity Express and Imani Coach.

QuickBus founder and CEO Humphrey Wrey said the service would allow customers to see, review and select seats based on their preferences.

QuickBus is targeting Kenya’s long-distance bus operators with routes to Western Kenya and the coastal towns.

It is expected to drive a new level of efficiency and quality of service to a rapidly developing market.

QuickBus Founder and Chief Executive Humphrey Wrey says the platform allows customers to see reviews and select seats based on their preferences.

“When you book a bus you should know more than the price and the destination, you should also know more about the experience you’re going to have because knowing if your 18-hour journey will be very uncomfortable or quite comfortable is valuable information. That was the genesis of the QuickBus idea,” Wrey added.

Features on QuickBus

Apart from booking tickets, the platform also has a customer rating system with a feedback-loop provided by user ratings.

This gives passengers the power to hold bus companies accountable to their performance standards.

Women can choose to be seated next to other women on night buses, to create more security for female travellers.

A dedicated Support Toll-Free Number is available to cater to all the passengers’ needs while they are on-the-go.

For customer convenience, QuickBus offers navigation to bus boarding points, real-time tracking of buses and information on rest stops.

QuickBus also partners with leading bus operators to provide exclusive “Quick Deals” to customers booking on QuickBus.

A dedicated Support Toll-Free Number is available to cater to all the passengers’ needs while they are on-the-go.

This will boost service and efficiency across the sector, bringing offline operators online.

The system raises the standard of bus transportation in general, to the benefit of all passengers.

The company which has been operating for 10 years has also launched operations in Uganda and Angola.


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