Daystar University Student Portal

Daystar University Student Portal is an online gateway that allows students to log into the University website to access important programs and information.

Daystar University is considered as one of the Best Private Universities in Kenya and the East Africa Region. The main campus is located in a serene environment conducive to learning in Athi River County.

The Importance of Daystar University Student Portal

The students’ portal has the following important to students, lecturers, and the administration.

  • There are real-time communications between the Faculty, staff, and students
  • Delivery of information and announcement is instant.
  • The Applicants Portal allows for easy and fast course application online
  • Students can access their grades, class schedules, and financial information among other things.
  • It is convenient to the institution administrators in the day to day running and management of the University.
  • It provides ease of access to the web interface to courseware and required information about courses to students.

Daystar University Student Portal

Daystar University Campus is categorized into four portal to cater to the different needs of the Institution Staff, students, and visitors. The four categories are:

  • The Students Portal
  • Faculty Portal
  • The Applicant Portal and finally
  • The Course Schedule Portal

Daystar University Student Portal Navigation

Click here to Access the Students’ portal

Daystar University Student Portal Login Password Reset

  • Click here to access User name and password reset page
  • Click on the link “Forgot your password?”
  • Submit your username/email in the popup window that displays.
  • You will receive an email with password reset instructions in the email address that you provided.

Daystar University Student Portal on App

You also access the students portal on your Android or iPhone mobile phone using the Moodle Mobile App. Click here to download the App from Google Play Store and here to download it from Apple Store respectively.

Once you have installed the app, enter on the URL to access the student portal, and then log in using your credentials.

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